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Fashionista's Fashion Week Essentials

The invites have been sent out, the seating charts are being filled, and fashion folks everywhere are resoling their Manolos (and setting their DVRs--can't miss Girls!): Fashion week is upon us!
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The invites have been sent out, the seating charts are being filled, and fashion folks everywhere are resoling their Manolos (or cleaning up their Chucks): Fashion week is upon us!

It may just be seven days on a calendar (eight, if you wanna get technical), but as anyone in the industry will tell you, it feels way longer than just a week. Midnight deadlines, traffic jams on your way to Jason Wu, a dead battery when Kim and Kanye are front row--it's a lot of stress. The good kind of course--we feel pretty lucky to get to do this.

Here at Fashionista, we've collected all the things that get us through the chaos with our sanity intact. From Hayley's trustworthy NARS lip pencil to Kibwe's all-purpose coconut oil (and lots of black boots), these are the items that help keep us cool, calm, and collected during fashion week.

Leah Chernikoff, Editorial Director

Pantone iPhone Cover: Since your phone is basically in your hand at all times it should look good too. I still have Tangerine Tango on my phone and I'm not sure I'm ready to upgrade to Emerald.

Catbird Ring: And when you're on your phone all the time your hands are on display. I always pick off manicures within a week so I'll continue my obsession with stacking on Catbird memory rings.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum: The best stuff. Hands down. It's sheer enough that you can apply it without checking a mirror, but gives you enough color to substitute for a lipstick. Plus--so moisturizing!

Étoile Isabel Marant Dress: Isabel Marant and stripes. I can't resist.

Étoile Isabel Marant Dicker Boots: You can walk for miles in these and they go with everything. As long as it's not snowing or raining, these will be on my feet.

Hayley Phelan, Senior Editor

Celine Three Pouch Bag: This purse gets me through any occasion. It goes with everything and fits a remarkable amount of stuff thanks to its three pouches.

NARS Lip Pencil in Red Square: During fashion week, I can't be bothered with fussy makeup but still want to look put together and polished. Nars Lip Pencil in Red Square gives my face that perfect pop of orangey-red, so I can go more low key on my eyes and skin--and it's impossible to mess up the application, even in a cab, using your iPhone as a mirror!

Luna Bars: People who work with me can attest to the fact that when I get hungry, I need to eat. Like right away. So I always stash some energy bars in my purse during fashion week to munch on between shows.

Blotting Papers: These are always handy to have in your purse when you need to freshen up your skin a bit.

Comfortable Black Booties: Especially in the winter season, when it's likely to be snowing, sleeting, raining, or all three, it's important to have shoes you can actually walk in and are relatively waterproof. These from Rag & Bone do the trick while still being cute and adding some height.

Cheryl Wischhover, Beauty Editor

Club Monaco Floral Dress: The floral pattern on this dress beckoned me into my local Club Monaco and the super flattering fit sealed the deal. I like to go into Fashion Week with a new frock.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence: I am a loyal Caudalie Beauty Elixir girl normally, but Fashion Week requires even bigger guns. This mist smells incredible and gives you a dewy glow. Which will take the attention off the bags under your eyes.

Starburst (Red Only Bag): Who needs meals? Or disgusting yellow Starburst? Best marketing move ever.

Alexander Wang Prisma Tote: This tote is perfect. It's comfortable, not too heavy, fits my laptop, and has rose gold accents (obsessed with rose gold everything right now).

Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage: This eye product is a miracle worker--de-puffs and soothes. I toss mine in the fridge and have one at home and one in my bag.

Rag and Bone Classic Newbury Boots: I hate flats because they make me look stumpy, but when you're spending eight straight days standing around backstage at shows, some concessions must be made. These classics give me height but are crazy comfortable. I just had them re-soled in preparation.

Dhani Mau, Associate Editor

Illesteva Sunglasses: A perennial fave and they go with everything.

Coconut Water: For those mornings after you went to an after party that was actually fun.

Gel Manicure: I hate gel manis generally because they mess up my nails and are impossible to remove, but for fashion week they're kind of necessary.

Travel Perfume: To keep in your bag for those day to night transitions.

Rabbit Fur Beanie: I just got this and I'm in love with it. I want to wear it even when it's not cold, and it's perfect for bad hair days.

Nora Crotty, Assistant Editor

Asos Dress: A sassy, after-party ready dress that won't get wrinkled even after being balled up in your handbag for hours.

TopShop Pumps: Black single sole midi-heels from no season in particular. They dress up any outfit and are quick to swap out for flats while running to the subway.

iPhone 4 Charger: Because nothing in the world is worse than approaching Kylie Jenner for a quote and finding you're on 5% battery. Except maybe breaking a nail.

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Makeup Forever Concealer: I've been shamelessly addicted to under-eye concealer since circa sophomore year of high school. Who knows whether I even need it? No one. Because I'm never not wearing it. Ha!

Archie Grand Notebook: To prove to myself that I still have decent handwriting. Attempting to decipher my own scribbles post-show doubles as a fun extracurricular guessing game.

Tyler McCall, Editorial Assistant

Burberry Ankle Boots: I got these for Christmas (thanks, Santa!) and they're pretty much perfect: Comfortable but still stylish, they look good with pants or skirts, so I'll probably wear them every single day.

Rodarte for Starbucks Coffee Sleeve: From my morning cup at Cup (my local coffee joint that basically serves rocket fuel--in the best way possible) to an afternoon Starbucks run, I drink a LOT of coffee during fashion week. I'm trying to be environmentally friendly--I don't always remember my thermos, but I do remember my now coffee-stained sleeve.

Grub Hub: I don't know who came up with Grub Hub but I want to give them a giant hug. It's pretty much the only way I eat during Fashion Week.

MAC Nail Lacquer in Rich Rich Rich: From the Marilyn Monroe collection, this nail polish has a matte finish and a perfect color to hide any chips--which is great, because I get tons of them.

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Vesuvio: Guaranteed to make me look pulled together (even though I am almost definitely not).

Lauren Sherman, Editor-at-Large

COS Cashmere Hat: Except I lost mine. I've actually lost this hat twice. Praying it's there when I go to Paris in February. I love it so much.

Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Cotton Shopper: I have it in navy. It fits my laptop and everything else.

A Ten Over Ten Manicure: Go to Stephy at the Tribeca location. Get a moon mani if you're up for it. And thank me later.

Celine White Pumps: I'll be wearing these at least once, no matter how cold it is.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square: The only red that really looks red on me, not pink.

Kibwe Chase-Marshall

Harmon "Topo" Fisherman Pants: My plan is to wear one pair of thermals under these and pack an extra pair to toss on in case I'm still cold.

Zara Braided Shopper: This structured tote can hold EVERYTHING you need for a day at the shows, and keeps your look pulled-together.

Loake "290" Chelsea boot in Black Calf Leather: Pull 'em on and go! The Loake is the Rolls Royce of Chelsea Boots.

Timex Weekender Slip-thru Watch: I used to get all, "Wahhhhh" about not being able to afford the status watch of my dreams. About two years ago I discovered that Timex makes really classic and dependable time pieces that don't even come close to breaking the bank. Now, they are my go-to for a polished sharp watch.

Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Oil: Use it for EVERYTHING: Hand/body/face moisturizer, low-heat sauté oil, hair's heaven sent...and a bargain!

Anna Deutsch

Rag & Bone Trench: It’s going to be so cold for fashion week that great outerwear is probably more important that whatever is on underneath.

Leather Leggings: Since the week is hectic, I don’t want to have to think too hard about getting dressed. Leather pants are my go-to fashion week staple because they are comfy yet polished and go with everything.

Smythson Notebook: I write all my show notes by hand, so I always need a little notebook in my bag. (Sidenote: A notebook is useless if you forget to bring a pen.)

Sunnies: Whether I’ve been up late with deadlines or an after-party, big sunglasses are far more effective than concealer when it comes to hiding tired eyes.

Makeup Pouch: I don’t usually have time to go home and freshen up throughout the day, so I make sure to stash some helpers like lipstick, eyeliner, perfume and mints in my purse for a late afternoon revamp.

David Yi

Briefcase/bag/backpack: Whether it's my 3.1 Phillip Lim camera bag or my vintage briefcase I absolutely need something to store all of the swag we get, the tickets, and also my schedule. Without one, I am completely, utterly lost.

Snacks: Long days of shows, longer nights of partying. It's essential to pack some snacks for those hunger pangs. I personally go for almonds--they're crunchy, delicious, and satiating because they're packed with protein.

iPhone: Duh, this is a given. How did editors from the 90's survive shows without Google Maps to find their next destination, Instagram to brag about what shows they attended, and Fashion GPS to organize, well, life?

BB Cream: It's only a week. But in fashion life it's like an entire month. It may seem like fun and games covering shows and then writing about them but it's actually lots of work on little to no sleep. If you're like me last season, I styled two shows and barely covered others and wrote reviews. Sleep became impractical. Thanks to BB Cream, or "beauty balm"--a miracle cream with tinted moisturizer, sun block, and essential oils--I looked like I at least had four hours of sleep each night. I even had a little glow. Bless you, BB!

Cole Haan Wingtip: No these aren't Prada or Dolce Gabbana. They're not even Rag & Bone. They're my go-to shoes for fashion week: Cole Haan. That's right. I love Cole Haan especially because the shoes are extra comfy thanks to its Nike Air technology. They give me wings. With or without Redbull. Getting around Fashion Week is tough enough for your feet, I'm so glad Cole Haan allows me to sprint out of those shows faster than anyone. Even faster than Anna Wintour who's notoriously swift to leave these shows. That's saying a lot.