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Victoria Beckham Gives Her New Website a Personal Touch

We've got an exclusive first look at what Victoria Beckham's new website, set to launch next month, will look (and sound) like. Yes, VB will talk to you.
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Next month, Victoria Beckham will launch a brand new website including, for the first time, e-commerce, so you can shop her figure-flattering dresses from the comfort of your own home.

But, that's not all.

We're told users will be granted "unprecedented" access into Beckham's ideas and creative process through new photo, film and editorial content. And who doesn't want that? Given how active (and hilarious) she is on social media platforms like Twitter, we bet there will actually be good stuff.

King & Partners (who has built sites for everyone from Marc Jacobs to CR Fashion Book) built and designed the site with art direction by Johnny Lu. Isaac Lock, who's deputy editor at Love, has contributed content. We think that's a safe bet this site will look pretty damn good.

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Curious as to what all that's going to look (and sound) like? Watch the teaser below. VB speaks!

And even though the official site doesn't launch until next month, there are still some pretty things going on there right now. Click through until you get to Cara Delevingne doing ballet.