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Girls Fashion Recap: Shorteralls and Pretty Person Jobs

On the fashion front, we learned a lot. Like that republicans can dress well, what "shorteralls" are, and the intricacies of who can and who can't get a "pretty person job." ~SPOILERS~
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Hannah dresses like a "sad, limp, little glow worm"

This look really throws me. What the hell is she wearing? And why is there no explanation? Is this the new Snuggie/Forever Lazy? A Google search for "sleeping bag vest hood" yielded nothing confirmatory. I just don't get why it's this full body sleeping bag but then the arms are bare. Is it some sort of sweat-inducing weight loss tool (since she was doing a workout video in the previous scene)? Someone explain? UPDATE: Jenn Rogien has explained, to The Cut:

It’s a sleeping bag, with armholes and a hood. And, believe it or not, it was actually in the script that Hannah was wearing a sleeping bag with armholes. I had no idea that such a thing actually existed. I was gearing up to make it myself, or buy an actual sleeping bag and alter it to have armholes, and then one of my team members went online and found company that makes them, called Poler.

Marnie Gets Turned Down For a Job in Another Inappropriate Outfit

The powder blue Ann Taylor (but not Ann Taylor) dress suit (which, without tailoring, would probably be a lot boxier/less flattering) Marnie wore to interview at an art gallery confirmed our suspicion last week that her sartorial inappropriateness throughout the show is intentional. Her interviewer, dressed much cooler despite being much older, even called her out on it, asking, "Where does one get an outfit like that?" and then telling her she's not right for the art world.

We Realize How Good Shoshanna's Eyebrows Are

How good are they?!

Marnie Realizes She Could Get a Pretty Person Job, But Definitely Not Modeling

After a forelorn, hopeless Marnie comes home to find happy Shoshanna and Ray in bed, she lights up when Shoshanna tells her she "could like totally make money off how pretty you are." "Not modeling," Shoshanna and Ray clarify, but, "a pretty person job."

I love this conversation because it's so true. There are totally jobs you can only get if you're hot, especially in New York, and we all know it. And Marnie could totally get one of those jobs.

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Donald Glover is So Cute, Even as a Republican

Okay, so, we already knew that Donald Glover was so cute. But we didn't know we'd have such a big crush on Republican Donald Glover, who dresses the same as regular Donald Glover. His look is sort of preppy-cool and Band of Outsiders-y. The realism in this is that Hannah probably wouldn't be attracted to/date/even meet a stereotypical, khaki-wearing republican. Sandy is some brand of black, hip, Grumpy Coffee-drinking, smart Republican that I don't think I've ever encountered, but that probably exists in Brooklyn. "Why don't you lay this thing down flip it and reverse it?"

Hannah is Wearing Shorteralls

A seemingly befuddled Thomas John sort of back-handedly compliments Hannah on how much she does with "what she's got."

"I mean, what is that," he asks about her not-that-weird outfit (especially compared to Jessa's). "It's like a's a pair of shorteralls," she explains. We would have gone with "romper" or "onesie," but "shorteralls" is more fun. Lena Dunham explains in the below video that Hannah likes "composite clothing items" like shorteralls and hat/scarves.

Ep. 12: Inside Extra - On Fashion

Jessa Has a Boob Out the Whole Episode

Anyone notice how Jessa just casually had one (red lace bra-enclosed) boob out both in and outside of her apartment? Maybe real life mother of two Jemima Kirke was breastfeeding and thought, "This could work for regular, not-pregnant (that we know of) Jessa," whose hair is still always so amazing.

Marnie Dons a Ridiculous Outfit for Her New 'Pretty Person Job'

Marnie follows Shoshanna's sound advice to make money off her appearance and (weirdly quickly) gets a job as a hostess somewhere that requires her to wear a sparkly collar and oxblood tap shorts with suspenders. We like the varied responses the outfit gets. From Elijah: "What the fuck are you wearing? You look like a slutty Von Trap child." And from Hannah: "Is that new?" From there, the "pretty person job" conversation continues. Hannah calls her job at Grumpy "clean money, like I've made a choice...not to cash in on my sexuality...oh so you think I'm not pretty enough for a pretty person job." We cringe and get stressed out about the direction of this convo. Luckily, Marnie says she thinks Hannah just doesn't have the right disposition.