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Is Lily Cole Dating Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey?

Looks like fashion may have a new power couple.

Looks like fashion may have a new power couple.

Model/actress/Cambridge grad Lily Cole was snapped vacationing on a luxury yacht in St. Barts with Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey--and while nothing has been confirmed, the two certainly look cozy with one another.

Funnily enough, the Daily Mail inadvertently broke news of the possible relationship when it published photos of the two vacationing together in a story entirely about Lily Cole's bathing suit almost falling off (stay classy, DM).

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Daily Mail initially identified Dorsey as a "mystery man"--and it wasn't until tech blog The Kernel recognized him that two and two were put together.

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Regardless of the nature of their relationship, Cole and Dorsey certainly look like they're having a killer vacation--they've since been snapped learning to paddle board, sunning themselves on a trampoline mid-ocean, and cuddling up at night.

And if they are indeed dating, might we suggest they team up on a fashion/tech startup?