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Jean Paul Gaultier Runway Show or Male Strip Show?

The answer is: Both!

Leave it to Jean Paul Gaultier to bring the Red Light District to fashion week.

Gaultier, who always brings a sense of humor to his runway shows, showed his men's fall 2013/14 collection last night in Paris--and instead of your run-of-the-mill runway walk, models, well, stripped. The models each emerged from a pink lit-up booth, complete with a stool, and plexi-glass curtains, like the kind you see in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

Once outside the booths, the fun really began: Models peeled off layers and layers of clothes to reveal...more clothes. Okay, so in the end it was kind of a let down (we only got a peek at one or two muscled chests) but, nonetheless, we thoroughly appreciated the show, even if it was a tease.

All joking aside, it looks like Gaultier may really have had strippers in mind when designing the new collection, featuring rip-away pants, and easy-access zippers. Paging the wardrobe people of Magic Mike 2.

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