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Karl Lagerfeld Finally Weighs In On Michelle Obama's Bangs

And he doesn't like them!
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Michelle Obama's recent haircut was the most significant event of Inauguration weekend--even the President of the United States said so.

They've been a topic of conversation all over the world--even for people who aren't constantly giving their opinion on others' appearances. So, we've been waiting for Karl Lagerfeld to say something about the unanimously adored haircut, and finally, he has.

And it's predictably contrarian. While he and the POTUS may agree on gays having the right to marry, they have differing opinions on the first lady's haircut. Lagerfeld told talk show Le Petit Journal "I don't understand the change of hair ... Frankly, the fringe was a bad idea. It's not good." He also said she looks like a "speakerine"--a news anchor--on a French news network. Ouch.

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Still, he prefaced his opinion on her bangs by saying over and over that he "adored Mrs. Obama." And he told the Metro last February that he thinks the First Lady's face "is magical" and that he's a big fan.

You can watch the full video below. He weighs in on Michelle at about the 13:50 mark. It's in French, though.

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Le Petit Journal 24/01/13 - avec Karl Lagarfeld