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Kim Kardashian Has More Selling Power Than Kate Middleton, Says Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret dishes on dressing the Duchess and helping her avoid "a bottom situation like Pippa had." Plus, why the Kate Middleton Effect isn't actually all that effective--or at least, in comparison to the Kim Kardashian effect.
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Designers have always been annoyingly tight-lipped about dressing Kate Middleton, saying things like, "Oh it just worked out. We're so happy." For all we know, all of those designer dresses just magically appear in her closet. Luckily for us, for whatever reason, Roland Mouret is not as afraid to discuss Duchess details as some of his peers.

The French designer, who dressed Middleton in the elegant, leg-flashing cream gown she wore to a swanky dinner at Claridge's last year, informed the Telegraph that, when getting dressed, Middleton has zero interest in attracting attention from anyone other than Prince William (especially not the paparazzi): “She’s highly attuned to those details that will provoke a tabloid frenzy and above all, she does not want a tabloid frenzy,” he said. “She doesn’t seem to feel the need to dress sexily to woo the world. She’s dressing for William and herself.”

In fact, she once requested that a dress be altered to fit more loosely than the sample, so as to avoid garnering the kind of attention her sister got following the royal wedding. “She doesn’t want a bottom situation like Pippa had,” he said.

A bottom situation?!?! The horror. Speaking of celebrities with bottom situations, Mouret also compared Middleton to fellow pregnant star Kim Kardashian, revealing that the latter actually has the most selling power.

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“You don’t see hundreds of women running around looking like [Kate Middleton]," he said. "To be honest, we’re more likely to get orders on a dress that Kim Kardashian’s worn.” A sad truth.

The Telegraph points out that the Kate Middleton Effect is not as powerful as one might think due to Middleton's proclivity for past-season goods. Meaning, by the time we see her wearing it, it's no longer for sale anywhere. Jane Shepherdson, CEO of Whistles, said of a blouse Middleton wore, “It didn’t do anything for sales. We do short runs. By the time you see pictures of Kate, we’ve probably sold out anyway," adding that she's “a great advert, but no more than that.”

Interesting. Considering the fact that repeat-loving Michelle Obama tends to do the same thing, we wonder if the Michelle Obama Effect, too, is not as effective as we once thought.