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Legends of the Pre-Fall: Trends and Takeaways from the Season

Pre-Fall 2013 has wrapped!...or has it?...Nobody can quite say for sure, but with the Fall 2013 shows quickly approaching in mid-February, we figured now was as good a time as any to take inventory of our favorites from “the season between seasons."

Pre-Fall 2013 has wrapped!...or has it?...Nobody can quite say for sure, but with the Fall 2013 shows quickly approaching in mid-February, we figured now was as good a time as any to take inventory of our favorites from “the season between seasons."

Theme: Pilgrim's Pride A puritan vibe swept the collections, making Hester Prim the season's muse. Think super proper styles--with a little tastefully “perverse” twist. Well, swash our buckle and buckle our boot.

Theme: Not-So-Plain Jane Minimalism evolved in a more personal direction, engaging subtle details and emotive color. The serenity was still there, but this time around there were some captivating ripples in this sartorial pond.

Theme: Retro Chunnel Paris to London and back, this look--gaining pace within the collections--was all about Franco-Brit vintage and insouciant charm. Celia Birtwell-inspired prints and Ossie Clark-inspired frocks met Rive Gauche-bohemian sensibilities.

Theme: Hitchcock's Women All of Hitchcock's heroines came out to play in ladylike suits and spy-worthy coats--and gloves to match, naturally.

Material: Skin Is In Leather of every type, hue, and texture toughens up even the most feminine of shapes.

Material: Charlotte's Web Lace injected vintage texture into the season's sheer looks.

Color: Desert Reign Camel's malty warmth proves a natural complement to early Fall pieces.

Color: Oz Pantone's official color of the year certainly didn't disappoint; it was everywhere! Shine bright like an emerald!

Color: Aquafresh With a nod to '80s obsession with all things Day-Glo, crisp cool blues supplied bold energy and icy edge.

Print + Pattern: Mad About You Forget grunge, these plaids told the most refined of stories, ranging from traditional Scottish tartans to vintage ghost-weave structures.

Print + Pattern: Garden Variety Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow…in August? With graphic takes on the entire greenhouse bouquet, apparently.

Print + Pattern: Wild'n Out Welcome to the jungle! Animal motifs (literal and inspired) brought untamed spirit to the season's range of earthy neutrals.

Print + Pattern: A Tale of Two Checks Houndstooth and Prince of Wales patterns gave sportswear a dandy jolt of haberdashery polish.

Detail: What Lies Beneath Occasion and evening frocks played naughty as a result of strategically placed sheer panels--do you dare to bare?

Details: In the Fold Origami fused with draping to render all sorts of twists and turns in the road ahead.

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Detail: Riding the Wave Various ruffle constructions--cut in structured fabrics--took interest to the edge.

Detail: Two-Faced Positive-negative fabric constructions and pattern-making moved color-blocking into the 3rd dimension.

Styling: Head to Toe Matched-set styling continues to make coordinating looks a complete "no-brainer" come September.

Styling: Step Lightly It's official: The Pre-Fall collections have decreed that not only can white shoes be worn past labor day, next fall they kinda, sorta must be.

Styling: Victor Victoria All manner of skirts, dresses, and tunics crept up over pants creating experimentally "stacked" looks.

Proportion: Midi Once deemed dowdy, the midi skirt is back to claim its rightful spot in your wardrobe for Pre-Fall.

Key Piece: Elevated Sweatshirt The sweat-separates trend continues, with designers finding new and ingenious ways to make us lust over the humblest of garments.

Key Piece: Half-Circle Mini This flirtatious new take on the mini-length showed up in a ton of presentations. We think it'll totally be a home-run when paired with tights come Fall.

Key Piece: Paneled Plain-Front Pant Slim or slightly slack, these pants have graphic impact and versatility that makes them stellar early-Fall investments.

Key Piece: Fit & Flare Dress Fit'n flare dresses are picking up where shifts left off, offering a tasteful way for ladies (especially First ladies…wink, wink) to dress for day.

Key Piece: Moto-Anew In case you've grown bored with the 10 motorcycle jackets currently hanging in your closet (we actually kinda have), the Pre-Fall collections showcased exciting new variations on the classic Perfecto.

Key Piece: Collectible Cape Capes took center stage, emerging as a voluminously dramatic outerwear option for Pre-Fall. Some offered more living space than many NYC apartments.

Key Piece: Street Sweeper Skirt Slim or gathered, floor-length skirts made statements in a range of fabrics and colors. Our faves featured pockets and and controlled-volume around the hips

Key Piece: Game Changing Suit Pre-Fall's suits were all about individuality; broken into separates, they made for some of the season's most creative and versatile pieces.

Key Piece: Beastly Fur A motley crew of thrift store-inspired furs were shown for Pre-Fall, featuring multihued tones in the least precious of textures. Extreme "Jim Henson" colors might be a bit risky for most; try subtly feminine blush tones instead.

Key Piece: Slim Coat Lean and mean, Pre-Fall's key coat functions as your wardrobe workhorse, taking you to-and-from the office in style and warmth. Narrow waists add an element of dressmaker-chic to the equation.

Key Piece: Essential Trench Transitional outerwear needn't be dull and lifeless, as evidenced by the high-impact options shown for Pre-Fall. Traditional detailing met experimentation in print-placement and chromatic-blocking, yielding exciting results.