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Michelle Obama's New Bangs Might Be the 'Most Significant' Event of the Weekend, Says President Obama

Turns out President Obama is as thrilled as we were over Michelle Obama's new bangs.

Turns out President Obama is as thrilled as we are over Michelle Obama's new bangs.

During his speech last night at an Inaugural reception at the National Building Museum, Obama got down to brass tacks right away. "Now first of all," he began, "I love Michelle Obama. And to address the most significant event of this weekend: I love her bangs."

“She looks good," he continued. "She always looks good.”

And the love fest went both ways. Michelle, who was wearing a black sequined Michael Kors dress she'd previously worn in 2009, introduced Barack as the "love of my life." She spoke of how thrilling it's been "to watch this handsome, charming individual grow into the man and the president that he is," as she reached out to playfully touch the President’s face.

But back to the most interesting and important event of the weekend: Michelle's haircut. President Obama isn't the only one who thinks the FLOTUS's bangs might actually overshadow the Inauguration.

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Brian Williams said on Today:

There has been, to be perfectly honest, as much talk about her new haircut on her 49th bday this past week as any other aspect of this Inauguration. Whenever two or more people are gathered in this city... it happens everywhere you go, the conversation eventually comes to, 'What do you think of the bangs?' What else are we gonna talk about?

Watch the video of Barack's speech below.

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