Don't Hold Your Breath For an Olivier Theyskens Low-End Collab

Lauren Sherman talks hairstyles and low-end collaborations at yesterday's WWD CEO Summit.

Olivier Theyskens and I have the same hair cut. I did not realize this until we were standing face-to-face, he about to be interviewed by me at last night's Plaza Hotel dinner for the WWD CEO Summit.

"So," I say to my new acquaintance. "You cut your hair a while ago, but many people are still inspired it. The bob is everywhere!"

"Like you, maybe!" says Olivier.

"This is possible!" I respond. "I didn't think about that until seeing you in person. Are you going to keep it short, or grow it long again?"

"I don't know...I really don't know," he says. "If I let it grow, at a certain point it'll be an awkward length. But it's nice to be able to pull it back. So maybe a little."

Hmm, I contemplate--is a long bob in my future as well? Anyway, back to Olivier. "Tonight you're here with Andrew Rosen, your boss/collaborator at Theory," I say. "Would you ever consider doing a one-off collab with a mass brand?"

"[Shakes his head no.] I'm so obsessed with quality," he says. "I think that Theory is the right place—being able to make clothes for more people, but keeping the integrity of well-made clothes."

Alas, Target x Theyskens is not in our future. But that's okay, Olivier. We love your work at Theory. And of course, your hair.

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