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The Many Matching Ensembles of Destiny's Child

OMG! Destiny's Child is reconvening to perform at the Super Bowl! Let's lovingly poke fun at their craziest group outfits over the years. Destiny's Child, help me out...
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We were elated when we found out that Beyonce was performing at next month's Super Bowl. We were even more elated--if that's possible--when we heard late yesterday that Bey would be joined onstage by her (most recent) former Destiny's Child group-mates Michelle Williams and Kelly Roland.

And not just because of the kick-ass harmonies either. We're talking about the classic DC outfits that we can only hope will once again grace our screens as they did for so many years before they broke up (ie when Beyonce realized she could use recording technology to create layers of her own melodious voice instead of paying backup singers--sorry ladies) in 2007.

We chose 20 of our all-time favorite DC ensembles--paired with some extremely necessary and informative commentary--that we hope might inspire the outfits B, K, and M perform in when they reconvene on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Destiny's Child, help me out...

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