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Watch Jimmy Fallon Fawn Over Grace Coddington

It appears that Jimmy Fallon loves Grace Coddington as much as we do.
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Jimmy Fallon is definitely the coolest and fashioniest late night talk show host out there (with Conan coming in at a close second). Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Adriana Lima, and Tavi Gevinson have appeared on his show; he's appeared in Vogue; he has on cool, fashiony musicians like Solange and Sky Ferreira; and after last night, he can add the inimitable Grace Coddington to his roster of guests--presumably the first fashion magazine creative director to appear on a late night talk show ever.

Fallon dutifully asked Coddington about her memoir, which she was there to promote. Mostly, though, he just kind of fangirl-ed out about her and praises her repeatedly. It's amazing. Some examples:

"Oh, come on, you're still gorgeous"

"Ooh la la look at that. That's what I'm talking about."

"That's the one thing about you when I did first meet you I was like, she's so cool, because you just get that vibe from you."

"It's about the issue, that's the star [of The September Issue], but you kind of steal the movie a little bit."

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"It's a great read."

"I love your sketches."

"I love you."

"I think you're awesome."

"Grace Coddington, one in a million right here."

And just when you think Fallon can't gush anymore, he sees the present Coddington brought him: A huge, almost panoramic sketch of the Late Night set, replete with the NYC skyline, The Roots, Fallon, and Coddington herself. He is so touched, I'm pretty sure he's fighting back tears. Don't worry, Jimmy; we would have probably broken down completely and we're so glad you share our Grace Coddington obsession.

Watch the full interview below.