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American Women Spent $768 Million On Nail Polish in 2012

Find out how much coin women are spending on nail polish, plus what new nail products to expect in stores this spring.

If you thought the nail polish industry was losing steam, think again. Despite a market seemingly glutted with new nail category launches, consumers are still hungry for the paint.

According to WWD, nail polish sales hit $768 million in 2012 in the U.S., which is a gain of 32% over 2011. Compare that to an increase of 4.3% for the mass market beauty business overall, and you can see why so many companies are eager to get their hands on your hands.

One survey indicates that 33% of women own at least 25 bottles of nail polish. {Ed. Note: My friend Lauren has over 300 and she rotates them seasonally, displaying her colors on the same kind of rack they have at nail salons.} To ensure that you keep adding to your collection, the industry is launching a lot of new products and concepts.

Read on for a summary of the trends, according to WWD.

Sandy and matte finishes: Think the Mariah Carey collection for OPI, which features "sand" polishes. Sand polish is basically a matte glitter without the usual shiny nail polish finish.

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At-home gel: While at-home gel systems continue to get mixed reviews on blogs and beauty sites, expect to see more of them on the market. Even mass market brands like Cover Girl (which was slow to the nail polish boom, just re-releasing a full collection last year), are reportedly thinking about launching gel.

Polishes that look like gel: Gels are a bit of a nightmare to apply at home (in our humble opinions), so nail polish companies like Sally Hansen and Revlon developed polishes that act like gels--they're shinier and supposedly longer wearing than standard polishes, but just as easy to apply.

Nail stickers are still a thing: We thought Essie was a bit late to the nail art game with its new nail wrap launch, but this category is still going strong. Stay tuned for more companies to be releasing wacky patterns for your tips, no tiny dotting tool required.

Will you be adding new polishes to your collection this spring?