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10 Question for Project Runway Season 11

Oh heyyy Man Repeller!

1. Did it really take winning a challenge on Project Runway to get Kate to remember who she is?

2. Will there ever come a day when Project Runway stops pretending that Heidi Klum is a surprise guest when she randomly pops up in the workroom?

3. How good of a faker must Michelle be for Patricia to be so happy she's now on her team?

4. Really, Patricia? Are you all using hardware and flowers to create your looks? UGH.

5. Why has there been no mention of Dream Team's growing collection of silly hats?

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6. How did Joe's model not laugh when he literally tossed a tuna net over her?

7. If Amanda wasn't intending to make an "astro-turf dress," why did she make an entire design using moss?

8. If Team Keeping It Real is so concerned about its looks not being cohesive, shouldn't the designers at least have done similar hair and makeup?

9. Oh, hey Man Repeller! How badly would you love to peek inside Leandra Medine's notebook after this runway show? Also, were the designers required to laugh at every single thing Bette Midler said?

10. Couldn't Dream Team have gotten just one moment in the sun, without the other team being declared "not losers"?