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Brad Goreski Hopes Rachel Zoe's Clothing Line Isn't In Trouble

Seriously, guys, is the line in the shitter or what?
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Now we really don't know what to believe when it comes to those rumors that Rachel Zoe's clothing line is failing.

Back in August Page Six reported that the line was in trouble--but the rumors were quickly shut down by Rachel Zoe and her Chinese producer Li & Fung. But then, the trailer for the upcoming season of The Rachel Zoe Project dropped and well, it kind of seemed like the line was in trouble.

So, naturally, when we saw Zoe's former protege Brad Goreski, we had to ask if he had an inside scoop on his old boss. But if Zoe's line is indeed flagging, Goreski, a connected stylist in his own right, hasn't heard a lick of it.

"I don't know anything about that!" he told us at last night's yellow carpet premiere of Oxygen's new Naomi Campbell-fueled modeling reality show The Face--to which we replied with our most endearing yet prying "reaaally???"

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"No!" Goreski reassured us. "But I hope that's not true and I wish her all the best." That Brad... so diplomatic.

As for his second season of It's a Brad Brad World, Goreski says he's "really proud of it."

"It's so good. There's tons of fashion--a lot of my clients appear on it. You really get to go inside and see how I work; how I work with my clients, how I work with Kate Spade. And then of course there's my private life: Me with my boyfriend, my family... it's funny, it's dramatic, it's a great season."

Come March 6, we'll be there.