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Cher Had Never Seen Gareth Pugh's Clothes Before She Attended His Show

Turns out Cher didn't even really know who Gareth Pugh was before she attended his show yesterday.

Paris fashion week only just started, but the front rows have already been pretty great so far. First we spotted Kanye West at Anthony Vaccarello, and then yesterday freaking CHER popped up at Gareth Pugh.

When you think about it, Cher at Gareth Pugh kind of makes sense. (I mean, look what she wore to the airport, at left.) She has that goth showgirl aesthetic, and while Pugh isn't big on cleavage and sparkle, we could definitely see the singer in some of those crazy last looks he showed yesterday. But it turns out she doesn't even really know who he is.

According to WWD, when asked what she thought about Pugh's clothes before the show her response was, "I’ve never seen them, I have no idea.” Cher's pal and jewelry designer Loree Rodkin brought her as a guest. While she may not have known anything about the designer, she graciously posed for pictures saying, “I feel like a statue. I hope a bird lands on me," and then she likened herself to a black velvet jewelry tray while showing off her bracelet bling.

Thanks for coming to fashion week, Cher!

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