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From Back-laces to Dudes with Long Hair, Check Out the 7 Biggest Trends from the Oscars Red Carpet

We already told you the red carpet trends we wanted to see die this year--and while some predictably showed up at the Oscars last night (sigh--Old Hollywood waves), there were some new and different red carpet trends.

There's always a bit of group think that seems to go down on a red carpet. Last night's Oscars were no exception. Check out the seven major trends to emerge last night. Some were predictable (shiny metallic columns) and some took us by surprise (two major back-laces!).

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Like a Virgin:

These pale shades were sweet, but in strong, simple shapes, they weren't too cloying.

No Lipstick Lipstick:

Jessica Chastain was the first A-lister to the red carpet (with lipstick to match), but after that everyone pretty much left their statement lips at home.

Blue Period:

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The perfect anecdote to pale confections? Moody blues.


OK there were only two, but they spoke loudly to us. We loved Jennifer Lawrence's dainty version, but Anne Hathaway's blingy Tiffany version was pretty amazing, too.

Mr(s). Roboto:

Heavily beaded and bedazzled gowns in metallic shades caught the spotlight brilliantly.

Big Hair:

Hair was so voluminous that we couldn't fit it all in one slide. Halle Berry even managed to make a very small amount of hair very large.

Gandalf Guys:

While Peter Jackson and The Hobbit were robbed--robbed--this year at the Oscars, Gandalf the wizard certainly inspired a lot of the guys in Hollywood. Paul Rudd has a baby version of it.