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Girls Fashion Recap: A Lesson in Hair Experimentation

Thankfully, everyone took it down a notch after last week's crazy, mesh-shirted coke binge.
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Thankfully, everyone took it down a notch after last week's crazy, mesh-shirted coke binge. Jessa's bummed that her marriage was a mistake; Marnie's bummed that Charlie's still with tiny Navajo and all she has is that weird night with Booth Jonathan; Shosh is bummed that her boyfriend is surprise-living with her and Ray is bummed that he doesn't think he's good enough for Shosh; Hannah probably should be bummed that she's damaged her relationships with two of her best friends, but is too selfish to be that distraught.

So how does that all translate into wardrobe? Mostly, a lot of bizarre hairstyles. Click through to see what we mean.

Photos: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Hannah's Nightgown and Heidi Braids

Hannah's sleepwear has been interesting this season. She puts a little more thought into it than expected. A couple of weeks ago, she went with a matching shorts/tank top set and here she's wearing a not-at-all-sexy cotton nightgown, in which she looks a bit like someone who's been in a long marriage and has let herself go. She also looks super comfy and is free to move her "vagina back and forth forever," so, that's a plus.

I feel like nightgowns and matching PJ sets are a thing you become interested in during your mid-twenties, so, sure.

We're not sure where she was going with the braids, though. We recently saw her almost cut her own bangs under the instruction of a horrible YouTube tutorial, so maybe her lack of a boyfriend and semi-joblessness has lead to bored hair experimentation. She's not the only one.

Hannah's Cooking/Dinner Outfit

Hannah apparently spent the $200 she made from her XOJame Jazzhate cocaine article (which we'd give anything to read) on organic ingredients to cook pad thai for Aubrey, Charlie, and Marnie, whose presence was a surprise despite having been invited. We're pretty sure Hannah's wearing the same dress she wore last season when she found out her college boyfriend Elijah was gay, which is pretty ironic considering she forced Elijah to move out that same day. At first, I thought it looked kind of expensive and Rachel Comey-ish but up close it's kind of a disaster--from the puke-ish color to the comically large brown buttons. The shoes are better--they look like those Rachel Comey x Urban Outfitters flatforms. We guess she has an affinity for orange platform sandals.

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Aubrey and Charlie at Hannah's

Everyone's favorite "tiny Navajo" returns in another silly trying-too-hard-to-be-a-hipster outfit, replete with short shorts, a pointless scarf (with a necklace attached to it?), absurd side pony, and, of course, her go-to hair accessory, which yielded one of the episode's best lines from Marnie: "So, where do you get your headbands?" They cut to a different scene before Aubrey could say "Etsy."

Shoshanna & Ray

Ray wears more or less the same thing every day, which probably makes being homeless a bit easier. Shoshanna couldn't be more of a contrast aesthetically in her belted purple lace dress, shiny ballet flats and insane, over-styled, bejeweled pig tails. We're not sure what's going on with her hair lately, but it's nuts.

Their difference in style amplifies the seeming incongruity of their relationship and thus makes this scene that much more powerful and sweet. Best couple of the show (Ray really needs to get his shit together, though).

Jessa and Thomas John

Whoever the lead hair stylist is on Girls must have been in a weird mood during the shooting of this episode. Jessa, who typically has the most jealousy-inducing hair of the cast, made a major mistake with this 'do--not only does her hair appear to be crimped; it's also being held together with chopsticks.

Would Jessa do this? Probably. She doesn't give a f*ck and seems pretty lost these days. Plus, it was a welcome reminder that no one--not even Jemima Kirke is 100% stunning 100% of the time. The only thing is, it would have made more sense in episode two, following Jessa and Thomas John's honeymoon, from which Jessa returned with braided hair. Her hair actually would have looked like this after taking them out.

We also feel like it's very Jessa to be wearing all that statement jewelry in the bathtub, as she does at the end of the episode.