Girls Fashion Recap: Your Sweater Costs More Than My Rent

So... that was weird.

So...that was weird.

Last night on Girls, Hannah found herself on a severely cringe-inducing (to us at least) two-day sleepover with a wealthy married stranger. "I kind of wrote episode five in a fever dream," Lena Dunham said in this week's Inside the Episode snippet, which makes sense.

As Hannah and Joshua (not Josh) indulged each other's loneliness or whatever, Hannah wore two, maybe three outfits, which we actually thought were pretty interesting.

The awkward romper

We've all worn an awkward romper before. It looks cute and feels fine when we try it on at the store, but then when you actually get to walking around in it, it does some awkward, uncomfy things. It rides up and you become extremely aware of how you walk and it's not the fun, care-free clothing item you thought it was going to be. This is also not a flattering color on Hannah, but neither is anything she's ever worn.

Still, we get it.

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The expensive men's sweater

Hello, this is why The Elder Statesman exists. Hannah looks probably the most chic she's ever looked in this oversized cashmere sweater and simple gold necklace. Minimalism works for her--something she probably won't realize until she's like 35.

Hannah in Joshua's insane closet

Wearing one of Joshua's t-shirts, she spends a little more time taking in his fantasy life before leaving it forever. Like everything else in his absurd brownstone, his enormous walk-in closet is very impressive. We'd want to touch those fancy color-coordinated leather jackets and suits, too. Although, we'd also probably have gotten out of there a lot sooner. Like, where is her purse? Aren't people wondering where she is?