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How to Avoid a Fashion Week Meltdown

We're approaching the home stretch of New York Fashion Week, which means many of our attitudes have shifted from excited and energetic to when-will-this-be-over? So, we asked some of fashion's busiest bees to tell us what they do to stay sane (and no we don't mean pharmaceuticals--though those certainly aren't off-limits). From Jenna Lyons' many coats, to BryanBoy's cathartic Instagramming, click through for their (and our) tips and tricks!
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We're approaching the home stretch of New York Fashion Week, which means many of our attitudes have shifted from excited and energetic to when-will-this-be-over?

Jenna Lyons

"Do not do what I did last season. I somehow decided it would be a good time to do a juice cleanse and it was the worst idea in the world.

Maybe the best one is leave coats everywhere. I leave like three coats in the car. I’m always underdressed, I’m always freezing so I have like a rotating system that actually has helped me a lot. I have lots of coats."

Steven Kolb

"There's no breaking news here: Sleep. I like to sleep and if I don't sleep I get cranky and my body tells me that. Just relax with it; it's not that serious. It's work for sure. It's everybody's work so it's serious at that extent but at the end of the day, just take a deep breath and relax."

Daniel Vosovic

"One: Date my boyfriend. He’s always there with a cup of tea when I get home at one in the morning. And never underestimate the importance of a five minute walk around the block. And leave your phone on your desk because at the end of the day, the world will not end. If your mind doesn’t stay sharp and you don’t stay healthy, then what’s the point of all of it?"

Kelly Cutrone

"After a while if you can't figure it out then you shouldn't be here. The biggest thing to remember is that for us, it's like the Super Bowl and we're the players; we're not the fans. It's a work week or a work month. I don't drink at all and I go to fashion week parties very very rarely only if they're really good friends of mine and as an office rule no one on the junior team from the account executives to the interns are allowed to drink alcohol at any People's Revolution event.

Dr. Frank Litman is really good for a little acupuncture. We also have a doctor on call, Doctor 911, that's the name of the company, he makes house calls. So if you ever get hives or throw your back out or my favorite, eyelid twitching.

Then, I like to do really normal things like taking my daughter to school every morning.

For my staff, I'm cooking for the whole staff, so we've been having really healthy gourmet food. We bought a juicer.

The best thing to remember is that the parties are not really for you if you work in the fashion industry, unless you have to stop by."

Mara Hoffman

"I meditate every morning and try to every afternoon, but that gets more and more difficult leading up to the show. Taking the time to clear my mind really helps me focus and stay calm.

Being with my husband and son as much as possible. No matter how busy I am, I always try to have a good balance between work and my home life.

And finally, watching late night episodes of Breaking Bad. It's so addicting!"

Marissa Webb

"Focus on one task at a time since there are so many to accomplish. I convince myself that sleep is overrated, that I look much better with dark circles under my eyes and a few Red Bulls never hurt."

Zac Posen

“By bringing humor to the studio and at the end of the day I usually unwind with some late night cooking and baking!”

Tracy Reese

“Maintain a healthy diet by making sure you drink lots of water and eats lots of protein and veggies!”


"I just channel my frustration and anxiety on Instagram. I just take pictures, post it online, get it done and over with...the more you think about it, the more you stress, the more it's going to affect you."

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Leandra Medine

"I'm going to try to go to SoulCycle a couple of times. I'm hoping that'll do something--I haven't gone so far but I'm not stressed out yet. Like, Sunday evening, that's gonna be [my] breaking point." [ed note: We spoke to her Friday. We hope she's okay!]

Brad Goreski

"Don't go to everything; edit your calendar; get a lot of sleep; drink a lot of fluids; and you have no reason to freak out. It's just fashion shows."

Miss Jay Alexander

"That it's not about me, it's about the designer. I mean, in the end, it's fashion, we love it, there are people who deserve a front row seat better than I do that get them; if I don't get there to see the show it doesn't make or break me. I know a lot about fashion, most of you don't realize that. I've been around for a very long time, but at the same time, it's not about me, it's about the designer who we're supporting."

Lydia Hearst

"Well first off, I always deny that it's winter, as you can tell by my fashion choices [she was wearing sheer stuff] and honestly I kind of thrive on the excitement and the energy and atmosphere everywhere I go, so I love it. And this is probably my second time not walking the catwalk and getting to sort of sit back and watch it, so for me that's relaxing in and of itself."

Shailene Woodley

"I bring my best friends with me! [her friend Roxanne was with her]. That's it! And go sweat. In a sauna."

Cher Coulter

"I walk my dog in the morning. That's what I do--I have a word with myself and I walk the dog [and think] this time next week it'll all be over, so enjoy it. Like, enjoy it for the crazy, and enjoy it for the quiet. Because this job is so, you're working and you're wanted, and then you're not. So you have to find a calm place. And it's taken me ten years, 'cause I'd always be like, 'I'm not working! Why am I not working!' And then you're complaining when you are..."

Lauren Sherman

"I don't eat gluten, because #glutenkills!"

Leah Chernikoff

"I take a break from editing and look at cats or other funny things on the internet. My friend just turned me on to this series. So good. Also: chocolate, wine, dinners with Lauren and Britt."

Hayley Phelan

"I think the main thing is to keep a positive attitude. Yes, it's annoying shuttling to and from shows all day, and having a million things to write and do, but at the end of the day you have to remember there's some fun to be had."

Cheryl Wischhover

"I organize everything and make lists and boxes to cross off--its very therapeutic. I also try to sneak in as many work outs as possible while listening to old Eminem songs. He's much angrier than I will ever get during fashion week."

Dhani Mau

"Sneakily maneuvering my schedule so that I only have to see designers I actually like helps a lot. So does wine, Bedford Slims (don't judge) and my cat, Neely. She's so down to earth. Totally grounds me. I've also been re-watching Twin Peaks on Netflix, so that's a nice escape at the end of the day."

Nora Crotty

"Well I'm still trying to figure that out! But it always helps for a second to stop and smell the... hyacinths (I swear they're magic), pet my most well-behaved gerbil Daisy, and go for walks in the actual daylight at every possible opportunity."

Tyler McCall

"At the end of a long day, I like to catch up with non-fashion friends for a drink. It helps to talk about stuff OTHER than the insanity of fashion week!"