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Meet Lily the Cat, the Breakout Star of Tracy Reese's Fall Show

Watch out, Choupette. There's a new girl in town.

While Angela Bassett and New York fashion week front-row fixture Shanae Grimes took in Tracy Reese's fall 2013 show, the breakout star was actually on the runway—and of the feline variety.

As the models strutted down the catwalk (har har) of the New York City girl-themed show, the crowd gasped in delight when a sharp eyed and pointy eared kitty appeared, on a leash and nestled in the arms of a floral dress-clad model.

There had been Twitter whisperings before the show about a cat on the premises, but no one guessed that she would actually be a part of the show. And yes, the kitty is a she, named Lily, to be specific. Such an it-girl name, right? Now, why did Tracy Reese take such a risk in possibly letting a cat upstage her designs? We all know how much fashion people love cats, right?

Well, according to Tracy's PR:

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"When preparing for her show, Tracy made it known that she draws inspiration from everything around her, including animals. Tracy loved the idea of incorporating cats into the runway show, saying that cats have a lot of energy, which was the perfect complement to the models and her new collection."

UPDATE: According to a release we got, Lily was at fashion week with Purina ONE to promote an amazing sounding initiative called the "True Nature of Cats" movement, in which the cat food company is "challenging misconceptions about cats, beginning with the idea they can't be leash trained." In your face, dogs!

Watch out, Choupette. You now have some New York competition.