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Michelle Obama On Her New Bangs: 'This Is My Midlife Crisis'

Michelle Obama finally tells us why she decided to cut bangs.
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At the end of the Inauguration weekend, one topic rose above all others in terms of importance and amount of coverage, and it wasn't President Obama's landmark speech.

Nope, it was Michelle Obama's decision to cut bangs on the eve of her 49th birthday that seemed to garner the most media attention. Even her Jason Wu gown paled in comparison to the snip. Everyone was weighing in, from newsman Brian Williams to fashion designer (and Master of Having Opinions) Karl Lagerfeld. The President himself called it "the most significant event" of the weekend.

But in an interview conducted via Skype with Rachael Ray, MObama says the decision to cut her hair wasn't about making a First Lady statement that weekend. Instead, it came from a place to which every middle aged woman can relate.

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"This is my midlife crisis, the bangs," she says, pointing at her face. "I couldn't get a sports car, they won't let me bungee jump, so instead I cut my bangs."

Pretty tame in the realm of midlife crises, really!

Check out a preview of the interview, which airs in full this Wednesday:

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