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The 13 Most Critically Acclaimed Shows of New York Fashion Week

If your head’s still spinning from all the nonstop fashion action at Lincoln Center, Milk Studios, and points further afield (hi, Cunard Building!), flash back with Report Card through a digest of critics' picks for the 13 top shows. Why 13? threeASFOUR did a bonkers show as one of the last of the week inspired by "ophiuchus," the supposed 13th Zodaic sign, and also it just seemed like an apt number.
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If your head’s still spinning from all the nonstop fashion action at Lincoln Center, Milk Studios, and points further afield (hi, Cunard Building!), flash back with Report Card through a digest of critics' picks for the 13 top shows. Why 13? threeASFOUR did a bonkers show as one of the last of the week inspired by "ophiuchus," the supposed 13th Zodaic sign, and also it just seemed like an apt number.

Jason Wu Designer: Jason Wu

  • "Jason Wu's collection shrugged off the chill with chic and sexy capes and fur coats, black belts, embroidered shirts, bare shoulders and pleated silk dresses and skirts." [AFP]
  • "His genius is in really respecting women. This collection was confident and sexy without being revealing or exploitative." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "Wu's collection was all woman. Not girlie. Not mannish. That was by design." [AP]
  • "If the biggest news in New York on Friday was the snow, then the second-most-important story would have to be the one about the designer who delivered a totally polished, accomplished collection, at a moment when no one would have faulted him for taking a break to revel in his first-lady-dressing success." []
  • "An utterly sophisticated Fall 2013 collection that spoke directly to powerful, grown-up women." [fashionologie]
  • "Twice chosen by Michelle Obama for Inaugural clothes, Mr. Wu picked a good moment to present a polished collection of feminine tailoring. [The New York Times]
  • "Fresh off the First Lady wearing his extremely feminine, cascading ruby-colored chiffon and velvet gown on Inauguration Night, Jason Wu delivered one of his most-assured runway collections to date."[Speakeasy/The Wall Street Journal]
  • "All grown-up or not, a girl still likes to let her hair down from time to time. Ask Seymour. Wu was at his most convincing here when he focused on the 'femininity' of the show's title." []
  • "Wu deconstructed the grandest evening looks by showing some of these dresses over sleek evening pants; one red version was a modernist reworking of the silhouette that the First Lady selected for the Inaugural Ball." []
  • "It felt like Wu was building on his signatures and refining them, his polished gloss getting an edge." [ UK]
  • "Struck a chic middle ground between his pretty beginnings and this newfound sex factor." [WWD]

Rag & Bone Designers: Marcus Wainwright and David Neville

  • "Outside, there was sleet, snow and slush. But inside at the Rag & Bone show, one could find at least a temporary solution to the winter storm: Hot mulled wine to ease the chill, and some fun, colorful clothes." [AP]
  • "Full of mottled textures, like colorful ponyhair, rubberized tweed, quilted suede and ribbed leather, all harmoniously mixed and paneled together, the British-born designers produced a collection that every New York City girl will want to be seen in next winter--no small feat, either." [The Daily Mail]
  • "Wainwright and co-designer David Neville mined the romance of flight, turn-of-the-century menswear, and August Sander’s taxonomic photography to come out with a mod, surprisingly sexy autumn winter 2013 collection." []
  • "It's no surprise that Marcus Wainwright and David Neville have--yet again--delivered a lineup that is all at once new (even when it's mod inspired), cool, and exactly what we want." [fashionologie]
  • "It's hard to imagine how Marcus Wainwright and David Neville will ever surpass the ur-Rag & Bone-ness of today's collection: All the brand's key themes were fused here, cogently and with a ton of polish." []
  • "Perhaps, in between designing collections for women and men, kick-starting an ever-growing accessories division, and pursuing a global expansion that’s going at a rapid clip, Rag & Bone’s David Neville and Marcus Wainwright could write a quick how-to guide on successful brand building. But since they probably don’t have the time for that, let me do it for them here instead. Their message would likely boil down to this: Know Who You Are, Know What You Can Do, Then Just Do It. Neville and Wainwright clearly already know all of this, because they did just do it, if their incredibly strong, persuasively focused, and brilliantly direct-in-its-appeal fall collection is anything to go by." []
  • "This is a collection that’s bound to take off." [ UK]
  • "It was a fantastic collection--sleek, modern and sexy." [WWD]

Alexander Wang Designer: Alexander Wang

  • "Alexander Wang, the precocious designer chosen to head the venerable Balenciaga, did not disappoint his legions of admirers at New York Fashion Week, presenting a sophisticated and occasionally humorous collection." [AFP]
  • "With buzz and anticipation building for his debut collection for Balenciaga, Wang used his own show to make the statement that his signature line is still very much on his mind." [AP]
  • "There was an anticipatory, pre-Paris feel to the 1st arrondissement gloss of his uptown, fur-effect capelets and all that contoured complication." [

    The Daily Telegraph]

  • "Wang showed a mature, expensive-looking collection that showed he’s going to expand into Balenciaga’s couture legacy just fine, thankyouverymuch." []
  • "Showed Wang’s constructing techniques. ... With this collection, it was as if he was making a statement that he has the design skills to head the house of Balenciaga." []
  • "The collection’s strong points were the mohair knits (shrugs and sweat pants), the more streamlined of the coats, and some terrific evening separates in duchess satin--simply draped and vented tops in black or white satin with a wide banded hem." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "With a debut collection for Balenciaga soon to launch, Alexander Wang could well be excused for letting his signature line slide--but no, the designer’s downtown-cool magic was in full effect for Autumn/Winter 13 as ultra-modern leather and fur confections in stark charcoal, black and inky-blue took to the catwalk in force." [SHOWstudio]
  • "There was plenty of the designer's moody showmanship on display, but will these looks fly off the runway and directly into cool girls' closets? ... A sweatshirt with a fur body and knit sleeves had that kind of potential, as did sweaters stitched with columns of faintly iridescent sequins that dipped precipitously in back." []
  • "Well, can you blame him? I mean, come on, who could? A beaming Alexander Wang bounded out after his fantastic fall show radiating the kind of unbridled positivity and confidence that can get you all sorts of things in this life—even, as it turns out, a storied French fashion house that wants you to write the next chapter in its history." []
  • "Had plenty to keep us occupied in its own right: a sporty and tough mix with a softness." [ UK]
  • "Provided moments of fun without masking the increased maturity Wang revealed in this collection. It suited him well and whetted the fashion appetite for what he might serve up later this month in Paris." [WWD]

Altuzarra Designer: Joseph Altuzarra

  • "Altuzarra has earned his reputation as the go-to American designer for brash and sexy, and I’m glad Hollywood is starting to take notice. (Jennifer Lawrence wore his sleeveless black dress with embellished tassel details to the BAFTA Tea last month.)" [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "It was city-slick from the first look to the last." []
  • "It was hard to see the point of layering cropped khaki jackets over coats. Besides, the effect has been done by other designers, including Junya Watanabe. Separately, a lot of these pieces were fine, if somewhat obscured." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "It was ultra-sophisticated and brilliantly cinematic (Cruella de Ville-inspired even) at Altuzarra for Autumn/Winter 2013--signalling a welcome return to roots for the young designer famed for his unforgettably risqué Edward Scissorhands and Catwoman-like creations of seasons past." [SHOWstudio]
  • "The exercise in restraint helped him find his raw essence. He's designing the fiercest, sexiest clothes in New York, and that's reason enough for many women to seek him out." []
  • "The Manhattan fall runways of the city’s brightest young things seem to have been invaded by a race of Amazonian superheroines, with broad shoulders and nipped-in waists that evoke an eighties Mugler-esque vision of the comic-strip fifties. Joseph Altuzarra’s vision was a strikingly bold and beautiful take on the look, his graphic clothes—in a restrained tonal palette—an exercise in silhouette and elaborate construction." []
  • "As always, at the heart of Altuzarra's collections is the celebration of seduction and bringing a new sexiness to womenswear--and this time it was glossy and luxe." [ UK]
  • "Call it a power play. For fall, Joseph Altuzarra said goodbye to spring’s lavish, ornamented exotica in favor of a more hard-edged version of glamour. It made for a fabulous collection." [WWD]

Prabal Gurung Designer: Prabal Gurung

  • "A stylishly militaristic vision." [AFP]
  • "Strong, focused and confident. It was good to see Gurung take a rest from prints and bring things down to earth after a couple seasons of exploring more fantasy looks." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "Military touches are shorthand in high fashion for strength and confidence. Gurung added some exclamation points, specifically citing as his muse a woman in combat." [AP]
  • "This time round, looking to the recent US army policy to adapt military uniforms due to the growing number of female troops as well as researching the all female, empowered Ukrainian Asgarda tribe, gave this show much needed focus, especially when it came to showcasing Gurung's precise tailoring and draping skills." [The Daily Telegraph]
  • "Prabal Gurung introduced military propriety to New York Fashion Week with a show that had the audience salivating over uniforms, bondage and sabre-sharp footwear." []
  • "Though the inspiration was masculine, the clothes were supremely feminine and sexy." []
  • "Gurung had seemed to be stuck in a groove the last couple of seasons, but he sprung himself loose here with a more confident collection in which he put the emphasis on structured daywear." []
  • "As much as fashion people love to reference the urban warrior and talk about dressing for the combat that can be daily life, there’s no arguing that models marching through a warehouse on Manhattan’s far West Side bear no resemblance to women living and working in a war zone." []
  • "Gurung is most definitely a designer with a conscience. Using his coveted spot on the New York schedule to highlight unspoken political issues and generate optimism for the youth of his homeland, while simultaneously creating a collection for, as he puts it, 'strong, beautiful women'-–today in sub-zero Manhattan, two halves completed one whole." [ UK]
  • "This was sex appeal as brute force." [WWD]

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Thakoon Designer: Thakoon Panichgul

  • "For Thakoon Panichgul, next winter will be light and airy. The Thai-American designer injected a breath of spring into his collection, combining pastels with wintry fur, and sending out optimistically sleeveless heavy knit tops." [AFP]
  • "A triumph of unadulterated beauty, which also looked tangible." [

    The Daily Telegraph]

  • "Why the dandelions should seem slightly sad was hard to say - maybe it’s their ephemeral nature, or because they’re so often assigned the same non-status as a weed. No matter. It’s unlikely they’ve ever been so celebrated as they were when blown up on Thakoon’s printed wool sleeveless dress with lace insets at the side and hem." []
  • "No one would mistake the collection that was being shown inside, by Thakoon Panichgul, for fast fashion."[On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "Midway through New York fashion week it can start to feel like designers are marching in lockstep. Utilitarian menswear, texture, and neutral, even drab colors have emerged as early trends. How refreshing, then, to find Thakoon Panichgul nurturing his own fixations at his fine show today." []
  • "It’s interesting that Thakoon Panichgul should come out of left field and take on that tougher, moodier sensibility with his trademark awkward girly charm." []
  • "Thakoon Panichgul is not one of New York's sportswear-orientated designers--of which there are many. He's more interested in the pretty and poetic and that's exactly the direction he's taking us in for autumn/winter 2013-14, a winter garden to be precise." [ UK]
  • "It was a thoughtful, whimsical continuation of what Panichgul did for spring, romantic in its use of dusty blue and pink, as well as dandelion patterns and embroidered dragonfly motifs, without ever coming off as precious." [WWD]

Thom Browne Designer: Thom Browne

  • "A game changer for the designer and for this fashion season, which has seen a lot of menswear-inspired looks, but none as original as this. As the crowd filed out, more than one person could be heard comparing Browne to another visionary, Alexander McQueen." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "No one has to worry that Browne is going mainstream. ... As soon as guests walked into a Chelsea loft, they knew they were seeing something unusual: Blindfolded male models with their hands and feet tied in blood-red strips of fabric lay on metal beds alongside the catwalk. Scattered around the scene were full-size evergreen trees and faux snow, and the music sounded as if it were being played in a haunted cathedral. And when the guests were leaving, they were buzzing that they’d seen the show closest to couture that New York has offered in many years." [AP]
  • "While not exactly ready for stepping straight off the runway and onto Pennsylvania Avenue, the clothes demand your full attention--and interpretation." [fashionologie]
  • "Capitalizing on his Michelle Obama inaugural moment, Thom Browne grabbed the spotlight on Monday evening with a grand, jaw-dropping collection that was so ambitious in scale it seemed to be his bid for entrée into the pantheon of great designers." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "It was an operatic kind of day. The Pope quit. It was the third anniversary of Alexander McQueen's suicide. If Browne has always been determinedly, even defiantly, sui generis in his work, the outside world was tapping at his window today." []
  • "He delivered with his usual theatrical runway presentation that showed off his construction skills with over-the top creations, which, while costumey to the nth degree, were at once romantic and slightly disturbing. ... the commercial value was not always clear, the elaborate workmanship was impressive for what’s emerging as something of a Thom Browne moment." [WWD]

The Row Designers: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

  • "A fire was lit Monday in the Upper East Side entryway. Guests sat on fine wooden antique chairs and velvet settees: the perfect setting for understated luxury — and that's what The Row turned out." [AP]
  • "There was nothing revolutionary on offer--but that's just the point. Why scream, when you can whisper and still be heard with such resounding clarity." [Grazia Daily]
  • "These liberated shapes, with a big, sloppy fisherman knit sweater and tunics with wide trousers, reminded us why we first noticed the Olsens’ style." [The New York Times]
  • "'Without it being easy, we wanted it to be easy,' Mary-Kate said afterward. A koan for the ages, but when you got to thinking about it, she summed up this collection's considerable appeal perfectly." []
  • "It’s almost becoming ridiculous. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen so consistently show some of the chicest, most to-die-for clothes season after season that you can’t help but think there’s no way such a streak could continue. And then you get presentations like the one this morning at the exquisite Beaux Arts limestone mansion on New York’s Upper East Side and sense it the moment you step into the perfectly decorated and attentively staffed foyer: another home run." []
  • "Once again, exquisite. The fact that Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, who have embodied 'cool' at least since early adolescence, don’t aspire to said classification as fashion designers sets them apart from many of their contemporaries working today." [WWD]

Oscar de la Renta Designers: Oscar de la Renta and John Galliano

  • "The question on guests’ minds as they took their seats was if Galliano, fired from Christian Dior two years ago after an anti-Semitic rant was caught on video, would stay at de la Renta’s house longer. They were left to continue the rumor mill, but for the 15 minutes of show, they were fully engrossed in the show." [AP]
  • "The collection de la Renta presented was classic Oscar—with, perhaps, a few touches reminiscent of Galliano’s Dior." [The Daily Beast]
  • "This was an Oscar de la Renta collection through and through, reinforced and subtly sparked by Galliano's suggestions and design traits." [The Daily Telegraph]
  • "Despite Galliano’s presence ‘in the building’, according to somebody who would know, Tuesday’s show did little to clarify the terms of this working relationship. What it did accomplish was to present some awfully gorgeous clothes." []
  • "With silk gowns in rich jewel tones, pre-Revolutionary Russian embroidery and a theatrical play on ladylike with bright, sheer opera gloves teamed with New Look era tea dresses, De la Renta’s luxe madame definitely had an injection of off-kilter energy." [Grazia Daily]
  • "While the sight of two dynamic hands in one collection was remarkable, this show will also raise more questions than it will answer. Mr. de la Renta has given no indication of his intention to retire, but he has not ruled out asking Mr. Galliano to stay." [On The Runway/

    The New York Times]

  • "When his PR chief was asked if Galliano had worked on the collection, she demurred, saying, 'Well, he is backstage.' There was that, and then there were the clothes themselves. Certain looks seemed very much to bear the Englishman's hand, especially the opening jackets with their draped necklines and flaring hips; there was something of Dior's classic Bar silhouette in them." []
  • "'It was,' said DVF, 'a beautiful conversation.' She’s referring, of course, to the dialogue between de la Renta and John Galliano, which has been going on since the latter took studio space in the former’s midtown atelier some time ago. Whatever they fell to talking about was clearly stimulating; this was an elegant collection that fused rigor and romanticism with a flourish and was a powerful reminder of what each designer does so brilliantly, which is to say, cut and construct like nobody’s business." []
  • "As to how much of a helping or literal hand Galliano may have had with this specific collection no official comment was made, but we couldn't help but note the silhouettes and drama of the first few looks to have something of that Galliano grandeur about them." [ UK]
  • "So what was the plot line? A tale of two designers, it had mystery, suspense, harmony, beauty, optimism--and some truly great clothes." [WWD]

Rodarte Designers: Kate and Laura Mulleavy

  • "A more West Coast rock-and-roll take on winter wear." [AFP]
  • "Not all of it worked. Then again, we’ve seen a lot of sameness on the runways this week. (Fur! Menswear fabrics!). At least these fashion free spirits had the creative juices flowing." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "Design sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy grew up in sunny Santa Cruz, Calif., and evoked their seaside hometown in their fall collection. But perhaps only to them. 'It's really our own version of it,' Laura Mulleavy said backstage." [AP]
  • "The label's designer sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy showcased a collection in a mash-up of styles, colours and subcultures, inciting quite the mixed reaction in the fashion world." [The Daily Mail]
  • "It's tempting to keep probing for answers and over analyse Rodarte's references but the main thing is that despite being deliberately disparate, it felt like a collection that once again tapped into the sisters' cleverly nuanced sensibility. Nothing was too obvious and that was satisfying to see." [The Daily Telegraph]
  • "What is a California childhood made of? For Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the components look like: board shorts, skater jackets, bodysuits, tie-dye, tattoos and barbed wire crowns." []
  • "Rodarte's Fall 2013 collection could be summed up in four words: punk rock prom queen." [FabSugar]
  • "This is the stuff that fashionistas dreams are made of--and these surrealistic siblings are here to help those dreams come true." [Grazia Daily]
  • "Tie-dye and beaded angels’ wings were the most graphic elements of a Rodarte collection that had people talking about skaters, goth and bikers. There were a lot of disparate elements to digest in the multilayered outfits of the sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, and it might take some time to sort them all out." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "Where you come down on the collection will have a lot to do with how nostalgic you are for your own youth—that and your tolerance for fashions of the late eighties. The era happens to be one of this reporter's sweet spots, which made the tie-dye gowns with the strange double-faced foam shoulder straps and bibs that arrived in the middle of the show pretty irresistible." []
  • "Soulful and affecting." []
  • "It was grunge and it was gothic, Nineties and theatrical, skate culture, LA surfers, fairytale princesses and Eighties street kids. Yep, that's a lot of different references to slip into one collection--it got more historical and billowy at times too--but somehow they all seamlessly blended into one." [ UK]
  • "Their fall lineup also fell close to the hometown tree, with the designers flying the flag for the outer-limits charm of West Coast free spirits while making a real effort to show something that earthlings will buy and wear." [WWD]

Proenza Schouler Designers: Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez

  • "Proenza Schouler's collection included black and white coats with rounded, masculine shoulders." [AFP]
  • "A marvel of technical achievement with a quiet, classical elegance. McCollough and Hernandez always have an eye towards what is new and next. It’s crazy that these two haven’t been snapped up to design for a major European fashion house yet." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "Once again, the duo pulled off a critical wow and had the editors and buyers falling at their feet with praise." [The Daily Telegraph]
  • "When you have to travel way downtown for a 10-minute fashion show at an address even a veteran New York cab driver has trouble finding, the clothes had better be worth it. The consensus, after the Proenza Schouler fall preview Wednesday night: More than worth it." [AP]
  • "‘Softness’ in the conceptual rather than tactile sense guided Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez’s latest Proenza Schouler collection." []
  • "Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez created a parade of clothing that chic young women could wear from day to night." [FabSugar]
  • "Proenza Schouler redefined ladylike with a minimalist collection that may just convince the cool kids to wear suits and sheaths." [fashionologie]
  • "There was a point: there are no simple answers to anything. Even fashion. Even (especially) fashion success." []
  • "While their A/W 2013-14 collection might add the shiniest polish to NYC’s downtown vibe, the freezing cold, deserted building venue, the visceral soundtrack and the mussed up, low-key beauty served as a reminder that these kids are connected to the street in a way their contemporaries can only dream of." [Grazia Daily]
  • "Even at close range, the clothes in this clever Proenza show could deceive you--and then seduce you." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • " This time around their tweed bouclé jackets and skirts were actually made from woven strips of black and white leather--One word: wow." []
  • "It was certainly a powerfully sophisticated show that signaled a new maturity, and a cool refinement after the exciting visual noise of last season, whilst also illustrating the designers’ mantra that 'easy doesn’t need to be sloppy.'" []
  • "Softly go Proenza Schouler this season and it's a move that's gone down oh-so well--prompting applause and enthusiasm of it being the 'best thing' that's been seen all week at New York Fashion Week backstage post show and congratulations from Elizabeth Olsen and Liv Tyler." [ UK]
  • "It sounds patronizing to say that this could be considered a watershed collection for Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez; their work has been extremely refined for some time, including spring’s visually kinetic show. But their fall collection felt like a substantial leap even from there." [WWD]

Calvin Klein Collection Designer: Francisco Costa

  • "Klein's show near Times Square exuded confidence and a touch of military precision, with big, manly coats, large-buckled belts, leather dresses and shining boots." [AFP]
  • "One of Costa’s most wearable collections to date. He tapped into the season’s military and menswear trends, but in a way that was wholly original and modern." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "After eight days of New York Fashion Week previews, there was still something new to see on the Calvin Klein runway, including some of the best coats of an already good coat season." [AP]
  • "Francisco Costa was a bit mad for military this season, tempered with a classically Calvin touch of minimalism, of course." [Daily Front Row]
  • "It was as structured, clean and architectural as we’ve come to expect. Rest assured that Ms Chastain will remain extremely well dressed." []
  • "For Fall 2013, Francisco Costa injected Calvin Klein's usual allegiance to monochromatic minimalism with a pattern other designers have featured heavily this season: glen plaid. [fashionologie]
  • "Mr. Costa did many things with this collection. He created grid effects with creases. He pumped up volumes. And he recast some of those masculine styles for leaner evening styles, like a black blazer with wide satin pants. But ultimately, he hammered out a demanding silhouette." [The New York Times]
  • "As the dark, dark, fall collections enter their home stretch, and even with the big Marc Jacobs show still to come tonight, we may as well go ahead and declare a winner as Fashion Week’s MVT. (That is, Most Valuable Trend.) He is Mr. Glen Plaid." [On The Runway]
  • "Powerful, provocative." []
  • "Welcome to the new sexuality circa 2013. It’s covered up, structured, cold, and slick." []
  • "Even if the drilling sounds on the soundtrack suggested otherwise, the overall effect of the collection wasn’t raw, but ultrasophisticated." [WWD]

Marc Jacobs Designer: Marc Jacobs

  • "It was too hot for winter in the world of Marc Jacobs, as his new collection was unveiled in the final act of New York Fashion Week." [AFP]
  • "Marc Jacobs does the 'show' part of a fashion show as well as he does the 'fashion.' He closed New York Fashion Week on Thursday night with an elaborate production centered around a giant harvest moon that gave off a light that made everyone in the Lexington Avenue Armory appear is if they were in a black-and-white movie." [AP]
  • "Amongst the fur, Joan Jett wigs, pyjama-style pieces and swathes of sequins emerged a topless, hot pant-clad model who seemed to have been horribly failed by the backstage dressers. Of course, this was no accident but a craftily planned statement by the man who knows exactly what it takes to grab the attention of watching press." [

    The Daily Telegraph]

  • "He elevated the typical show format to a museum-worthy plane. In so doing, he didn’t just delight his audience; he dazzled us. Literally." []
  • "While fur suits might not be on everyone's shopping list for Fall, the designer's camel double-breasted coat, metallic-shot shift dresses, chunky cable knits, and swirling second-skin gilded evening dresses are sure to be a major hit at retail." [fashionologie]
  • "He closed Fashion Week with a thoughtful presentation, and some rather beautiful clothes." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "Marc Jacobs closed New York fashion week Thursday night like the rest of us: ready to go to sleep." [Speakeasy/The Wall Street Journal]
  • "Only Marc could turn a bout of melancholy and such simple clothes into the show of the week." []
  • "'Somewhere over the rainbow—again!' said a silk pajama–clad Marc Jacobs backstage at his show. Fashion’s Wizard of Oz certainly took us on another remarkable journey into his febrile imagination, presenting a collection of outstanding, understated chic that was eerily magical." []
  • "To all intents and purposes, it was something of a fashion moment, good or bad, sad or happy, depending if you were there or not--but live-streamed so that anyone not in transit could still feel the Marc magic." [ UK]
  • "This was perhaps the most overtly glamorous collection Jacobs has ever done, rendered with a moody gentility that transported it far beyond the banal, his invocation of “familiarity” notwithstanding." [WWD]