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The 2 Most Buzzed About Show From Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week

On the first day of Milan Fashion Week, the most buzzed about collections were those that interrogated the complex theater of the female persona. Al
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On the first day of Milan Fashion Week, the most buzzed about collections were those that interrogated the complex theater of the female persona. Alberta Ferretti showed prim neo-Victorian looks that were even more so than usually innocent, while at Gucci, Frida Giannini became the true standard bearer for 90s-era Tom Ford.

Photos: IMAXtree

Alberta Ferretti Designer: Alberta Ferretti

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  • "Alberta Ferretti's show was dedicated to a softer sort of femininity." [AFP]
  • "Could be labeled minimal Victorian." [AP]
  • "Although she played spare this season, cutting back on the embellishment, this was nowhere near ‘minimalism.’" []
  • "A striking palette, delivered with Alberta Ferretti's feminine touch, makes for a Fall 2013 collection that's both a little punchy, and at its core, absolutely lovely." [FabSugar]
  • "There was romance here, but in a way that felt controlled, demure, and even a little fragile." [fashionologie]
  • "Alberta Ferretti has never shown a vulgar dress in her fashion life. But her collection Wednesday was more than usually innocent." [

    International Herald Tribune]

  • "The first thirteen looks of the collection, gave a graphic edge to Ferretti’s ultra feminine take on fashion. But it also came as a nice surprise from a designer who has always embraced the power of color." [NOWFASHION]
  • "Ferretti's girls appeared as dainty Russian dolls clad in short lace frocks, mini-crinis, fitted velvet jackets and glittering flats. There was an air of Victorian romanticism and majesty that made them look like youthful, perfect princesses, trussed up in finery by their proud parents." [SHOWstudio]
  • "If a romantic fin de siècle mood is Ferretti's default position, she aced familiarity and authenticity with her new collection." []
  • "Not only was her mood upbeat and assured (is it ever anything but?), but the selection she presented was also thoughtful and carefully executed." []
  • "Cleaner and more graphic aesthetic--prim and pretty from the outset as opposed to just pretty pretty as she's usually known for." [ UK]
  • "With their romantic silhouettes and over-size Maltese cross earrings, all of the fresh-faced models at Alberta Ferretti looked like Renaissance beauties." []
  • "A confident collection of lovely clothes demonstrated with subtlety and at times playfulness." [WWD]

Gucci Designer: Frida Giannini

  • "Gucci's runway was lit up by exotic creatures with evening wear that featured a luxurious play of feathers and ferns on netting that evoked firebirds." [AFP]
  • "The Gucci woman next winter is a playful mixture of demure and daring." [AP]
  • "Gucci's gone (back) into the wild." [Daily Front Row]
  • "Giannini created a new sexy silhouette for a femme fatale who loves to surprise." [

    The Daily Mail]

  • "It wasn't quite up there with Socratean sagacity, but this was a collection full of painstakingly designed features." [The Daily Telegraph]
  • "The skinniest, second-skin, body-conscious silhouette you are ever likely to see on a Gucci catwalk." []
  • "Who says being ladylike can't be utterly sexy, too?" [FabSugar]
  • "Gucci's woman for Fall 2013 is strong, powerful, confident--and a little dangerous to boot." [fashionologie]
  • "Set a don’t-mess-with-us tough luxe tone that felt resonant beyond the catwalk." []
  • "The switch in mood from London fashion week to Milan can be summed up not by hemlines but by heel height. ... Gucci's unabashedly sexy show on Wednesday had its models stride the glossy black runway in super tall, super sharp high heels." [The Guardian]
  • "Watch out, the Gucci woman this season is red hot." [i-D Online]
  • "What is certain is that Gucci lovers will vote en masse for this collection--an ode to power women not executed with such vigor since the 1980s, but with a 21st-century focus on craft and embellishment." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "This was one of the most successfully sexy Gucci shows the designer has produced for the brand in recent memory." [NOWFASHION]
  • "Who was it that said that sex and love are a battlefield? Well they could have been talking about Gucci Autumn/Winter 2013." [SHOWstudio]
  • "She may be a couple weeks shy of giving birth to her first baby, but she isn't oblivious to the power of sex, that's for sure." []
  • "Venus might be in furs, but she’s also as likely to be in ferns or feathers." []
  • "It was a tactile, tough and sexy collection." [ UK]
  • "Leather, python, and fur? Mix and match them with abandon for Gucci's tough new sexiness." []
  • "This lineup was about smart, wearable, precisely cut style." [WWD]