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The 2 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week

The most buzzed about shows on day two of Paris fashion week were those that toed--or soft-shoed--the gender line. At Rochas, Marco Zanini gave bulky proportions to princess coats, while Dries Van Noten fused menswear-inspired tailoring and feminine frou frou into one.
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Dries Van Noten Designer: Dries Van Noten

  • "Belgian designer Dries Van Noten sparkled on the second day of Paris fashion week Wednesday with a collection combining men's tailoring with glamorous feminine touches." [AFP]
  • "Perfectly measured, as is always the case with Van Noten." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "Eschewing the essentialist clichés of men's fashion, Van Noten sublated the masculine and the feminine in challenging, off-kilter ways." [Artinfo]
  • "Dries Van Noten thinks fashion is far too serious. That's why he explored his usual menswear-womenswear tailoring this season via the frivolity of ballroom dancing, feathers and the two-some Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers." [AP]
  • "Dries Van Noten was, as always, a surprising motley mix of colors and prints that did not disappoint." [The Cut/New York Magazine]
  • "It was a remarkably girlish collection (hello hot pink, feathered, and bejewelled dresses!) for a designer who usually prefers a tomboy aesthetic." [The Daily Beast]
  • "No one puts it together quite the way he does and yesterday's show was not only packed to the rafters with clothes we loved, but also a masterclass in styling." [The Daily Telegraph]
  • "Transported indeed!" [Daily Front Row]
  • "A powerful statement about dualism." []
  • "Dries Van Noten today offered a boy meets girl mash up which took nothing away from either the masculine or feminine sartorial camps." [Grazia Daily]
  • "The designer continued to explore his winning formula of mixing masculine with feminine, using a clever clash of tailoring with feathers and acid-hued embroidery." [The Guardian]
  • "There’s a whole lot of clothes swapping going on in the world of Dries Van Noten these days. Last month he likened parts of his AW13 menswear collection to pieces a man would borrow from his girlfriend ‘the morning after’, and for his stunning women’s show on Wednesday afternoon at Hôtel de Ville, the wardrobe sharing struck again." [i-D Online]
  • "Dries Van Noten electrified the first full day of the Paris fashion season with a show that was delicate, a touch frivolous--yet profound." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "It all made for a beautiful fashion exploration. But in the real word, when these pieces are pulled apart and added to a woman’s existing wardrobe, they will fit right in without making much of a fuss." [NOWFASHION]
  • "The collection didn’t hang together particularly well, and the spree of feather-dotted coats and dresses seemed at odds with his classy aesthetic." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "The Dries Van Noten Fall 2013 collection was a veritable discourse on why opposites attract." [POPSUGAR Fashion]
  • "It's always the quiet ones you have to watch." []
  • "Supremely elegant." []
  • "Dries van Noten soared to new heights with a flight of fancy feathers." []
  • "Move over Liz and Dick. Wednesday saw a different example of the marriage of British elegance to ostrich-feathered ostentation. This one came courtesy of Dries Van Noten, who managed to extract the volatility of the original while keeping it utterly captivating." [WWD]
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Rochas Designer: Marco Zanini

  • "This collection encompassed a subdued vision for the French house, eschewing sexiness for seriousness." [Artinfo]
  • "A relaxed look that was surprising--perfect for, say, being rich and watering the plants in your greenhouse in the 16th arrondissement." [The Cut/

    New York Magazine]

  • "Size matters! It was all about playing with proportions, as far as Marco Zanini's latest Rochas showing was concerned." [Daily Front Row]
  • "Rochas served us princess coats in ditsy patterns." [The Daily Telegraph]
  • "Marco Zanini was certainly having fun with shape." []
  • "At Rochas, it was the same male-female story, also beautifully executed with a gentility that may turn out to be the leitmotif of fashion now." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "Mr. Zanini’s clothes were not heavy, despite the dramatic silhouette." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "This collection seemed more Rochas-y than ever--irreverence and elegance in excelsis." []
  • "One of the strongest statements Zanini made was about how clothes can change a woman's figure." [POPSUGAR Fashion]
  • "Marco Zanini focused on what he called a 'real and reassuring wardrobe.' Doesn’t that sound appealing? Clothes that are uncomplicated to wear and also give you a sense of comfort and confidence." []
  • "The next big thing: an oversize Rochas coat with important jewelry." []
  • "Cut into exaggerated volumes with classic couture shapes on grand trapeze coats and full skirts folded into big pleats, the clothes were weighty and grand, yet Zanini carried them off with a sense of ease, which was essential." [WWD]