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The 3 Most Buzzed About Shows from Day 5 of London Fashion Week

Though the final day of London Fashion Week was left to the young guns, it was all about "Advanced Style," what with Simone Rocha giving an object lesson in respect-your-elders chic. Meadham Kirchhoff went back to black, while Roksanda Ilincic was very much in the pink.
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Though the final day of London Fashion Week was left to the young guns, it was all about "Advanced Style," what with Simone Rocha giving an object lesson in respect-your-elders chic. Meadham Kirchhoff went back to black, while Roksanda Ilincic was very much in the pink.

Meadham Kirchhoff Designers: Edward Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff

  • "There was no dancing at Meadham Kirchoff this season, or party or music, or glitter for that matter. Instead, a beautiful, and at times rather grown-up, collection was shown to a sombre, violin-stringed soundtrack." [

    The Daily Telegraph]

  • "Of course, Meadham Kirchhoff always do real clothes, it’s just that sometimes they can be hard to spot. Not so this season." []
  • "As a series of beautifully sombre looks took to the catwalk, you couldn't help getting swept away in the moment." [Grazia Daily]
  • "In the austere concrete drama of The Tanks at Tate Modern, the epic journey of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff continues apace… my lady is Blanch Du Bois with a touch of Death In Venice." [i-D Online]
  • "There was a sexual twist to the outfits, with French maid collars and a sense that something strange was going on behind veiled heads." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "[A] transporting, neo-Victoriana show." [NOWFASHION]
  • "This collection was easier to translate than previous shows and will have a real life off the catwalk and out of the story book." [SHOWstudio]
  • "This season, in other words, Meadham Kirchhoff slammed the door on its brand's brief jubilant era." []
  • "The lack of ambient distraction and high concept gave the audience a chance to drink in the outstanding beauty of Meadham Kirchhoff’s individual pieces." []
  • "It was a journey through history in only the way this duo, Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, can and do." [ UK]
  • "While it had a sinister edge, it was one of the best outings so far from Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff." [WWD]

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Roksanda Ilincic Designer: Roksanda Ilincic

  • "'It's about daring to bring the pink into winter because it's such a spring color, and it's such a girly color,' the designer said." [AP]
  • "Commencing with a parade of pinks, Ilincic dabbled in most every textural and silhouette medley imaginable of the hue." [Daily Front Row]
  • "This was Roksy goes punk. Dirty princess, I'm calling it." [

    The Daily Telegraph]

  • "Today, as if aware of her dual appeal, she sent out a collection that demonstrated her skill for both the realities of every day (albeit an extra-special day that you’d wear these pieces) and the type of photo-worthy creations favoured by everyone from Emma Stone to Samantha Cameron." []
  • "If the shoes were witchy, the rest of the collection was an exercise in upscale chic, topped off with a few well-placed twists." [The Guardian]
  • "The designer has not so much a point of view as a point of reference--herself. And no one looked better in the clothes than Ms. Ilincic, with a bouquet of flowers, taking her bow." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "Ilincic is her own muse. And it will take women with her kind of polished, old school glamour to truly pull these pieces off, especially the quirkier styles. [NOWFASHION]
  • "Ilincic made a departure from her signature audacious colour by selecting a muted palette, with scatterings of mint green and vermillion orange. Smokey brown eyes and washed out skin gave the showing a sinister undertone as ethereal, ghostly models took on Ilincic's own dance of the dead." [SHOWstudio]
  • "Ilincic's offering felt like a cutting through of the ladylike-ness that is usually her stock-in-trade in favor of something a little more domestic and subversive." []
  • "'Much like wanting to make people feel comfortable in their homes,' she said backstage after the show, “my women should feel like they’re in a second skin, even at an evening event.' That solid, bare-bones approach picks up the baton where many New York designers (Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang) left off, but Ilincic did it here with her signature ethereal spin." []
  • "This was certainly a sinister exploration into fairy tales, complete with witchy boots to make the point, and a collection that saw Ilincic push herself in a more adventurous direction." [ UK]
  • "Ultrafeminine." [WWD]

Simone Rocha Designer: Simone Rocha

  • "A proportions-tinkering journey rife with some impracticalities (supersheer nude skirting or leopard PVS shifts, anyone?) and peppered with sweet detailing (veiled bows in the hair; funky flatforms or oxfords on the pieds)." [Daily Front Row]
  • "'It was a tribute to both my grannies,' said Simone Rocha backstage after her show. They've gotta be some proud ladies. Chic too, by the looks of it." [

    The Daily Telegraph]

  • "You might imagine this collection, based on two old ladies, to look retro. But this is Rocha’s great skill, being able to translate these personal stories--all of her collections are autobiographical--into clothes that pulse with modernity and resonate with hip young girls." []
  • "Grandma chic has very rarely looked this good." [fashionologie]
  • "Rocha's opening looks set the tone for a strong collection, which, despite being based on the designer's grannies, felt clean and cool." [The Guardian]
  • "Granny chic was combined with girly glamour." [i-D Online]
  • "Charming." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "An invigorating blend of old-world styling meets new-world attitude." [Refinery29]
  • "With her father, designer John Rocha, sat proudly on front row and her mother dressed top to toe in SR designs backstage, Simone Rocha's latest collection, entitled 'Respect your Elders', certainly lived up to its name." [SHOWstudio]
  • "There was an aura of tentative sexiness that felt new, and a clutch of looks that had a rather adult tone of matter-of-factness. But none of this felt like a leap so much as an incremental advance; bit by bit, the Rocha gamine is growing up." []
  • "What she does has immense charm and freshness, but this girl’s no princess." []
  • "It's the way that Rocha handles these pieces and ideas that keeps her interesting, young and fresh--there's a kooky and brilliant awkwardness that caters to a London girl's stylistic sensibility: she wears a prim and pretty dress but she wears it with glitter brogues (they came in pink and gold this season) or velvet loafers." [ UK]
  • "A charming ode to her elders." [WWD]