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The 3 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day Four of New York Fashion Week

A definite sign that midweek fashion fatigue is setting it? Critics were abuzz when Diane von Furstenberg and Victoria Beckham broke rank and went their own--drapey and dapper--ways. There was also a definite insectile hum about the dragonfly motif at Thakoon. Click through to see what the critics said.
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A definite sign that midweek fashion fatigue is setting it? Critics were abuzz when Diane von Furstenberg and Victoria Beckham broke rank and went their own--drapey and dapper--ways. There was also a definite insectile hum about the dragonfly motif at Thakoon.

Click through to see what the critics said.

Diane von Furstenberg Designer: Diane von Furstenberg

  • "A decidedly “glam rock” show full of 'effortless glamour.'" [AFP]
  • "The clothes from the 'Glam Rock' collection were von Furstenberg from head to toe." [AP]
  • "As long as you’re at the Diane von Furstenberg show, maybe life really is one big party." [The Daily Beast]
  • "Lincoln Center or Studio 54? For a few minutes at Diane Von Furstenberg’s New York Fashion Week show, it was hard to tell. The designer transported her audience back to the golden age of disco with a show of her greatest hits, revamped and refreshed for 2013." []
  • "'Life Is a Party' and 'Glam Rock' were the themes, and it was clear that the designer was playing to her core strength, with lots of halter dresses, leather pants in pastel metallic (gold, lilac, snake) and new takes on her signature wrap dress that were strikingly strong." [On The Runway/

    The New York Times]

  • "When pressed for anecdotes, she said mysteriously, 'I remember Mick Jagger bringing him to my apartment one very late night.' That beat any setup we've heard so far this week." []
  • "Von Furstenberg returned to her roots with a woman-friendly collection set to a disco beat that evoked, as she said, 'the girl I used to be,' and proved how refreshing it is, in a season of hard-edged eighties-inspired power dressing and ultra-demanding silhouettes, to see the work of a designer who firmly believes that 'your clothes are your friends.'” []
  • "This evening over at the Lincoln Centre, she was certainly inviting us on over to the disco in a collection that was a velvet, lamé, Seventies fest." [ UK]
  • "Without a creative director by her side for the first time in over a decade, von Furstenberg was determined to recapture some of her label’s essence that she felt had recently gone astray. She did so in no uncertain terms." [WWD]

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Thakoon Designer: Thakoon Panichgul

  • "For Thakoon Panichgul, next winter will be light and airy. The Thai-American designer injected a breath of spring into his collection, combining pastels with wintry fur, and sending out optimistically sleeveless heavy knit tops." [AFP]
  • "A triumph of unadulterated beauty, which also looked tangible." [

    The Daily Telegraph]

  • "Why the dandelions should seem slightly sad was hard to say - maybe it’s their ephemeral nature, or because they’re so often assigned the same non-status as a weed. No matter. It’s unlikely they’ve ever been so celebrated as they were when blown up on Thakoon’s printed wool sleeveless dress with lace insets at the side and hem." []
  • "No one would mistake the collection that was being shown inside, by Thakoon Panichgul, for fast fashion."[On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "Midway through New York fashion week it can start to feel like designers are marching in lockstep. Utilitarian menswear, texture, and neutral, even drab colors have emerged as early trends. How refreshing, then, to find Thakoon Panichgul nurturing his own fixations at his fine show today." []
  • "It’s interesting that Thakoon Panichgul should come out of left field and take on that tougher, moodier sensibility with his trademark awkward girly charm." []
  • "Thakoon Panichgul is not one of New York's sportswear-orientated designers--of which there are many. He's more interested in the pretty and poetic and that's exactly the direction he's taking us in for autumn/winter 2013-14, a winter garden to be precise." [ UK]
  • "It was a thoughtful, whimsical continuation of what Panichgul did for spring, romantic in its use of dusty blue and pink, as well as dandelion patterns and embroidered dragonfly motifs, without ever coming off as precious." [WWD]

Victoria Beckham Designer: Victoria Beckham

  • "The 38-year-old Beckham wowed her fans with a sophisticated show that had a decidedly masculine edge--what the former Posh Spice called 'mannish modernity.'" [AFP]
  • "'I'm always designing what I want to wear,' she said." [AP]
  • "Victoria Beckham unveiled a chic collection at New York Fashion Week today, updating her signature refined style with modern details and unexpected pops of colour." [

    The Daily Mail]

  • "Victoria Beckham's woman is going through a seriously grown up phase. Reflecting the designer's own growing confidence and maturity, this was a collection with chops." [Grazia Daily]
  • "The collection aimed for a confident and womanly look from a designer who is growing up with her collection. She hit goal." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "Showed new breadth." []
  • "Victoria Beckham made a grab for those rounded, Marni-like shoulders in a collection that aimed to be polished (all these sleek, flat wool midis and stiff coats we’ve seen everywhere), but if it were any more restrained, it would be a prison matron’s dream." [The New York Times]
  • "'Exploring how to evolve my signature aesthetic' was the memo Victoria Beckham issued for her fall collection this morning. Victoria Beckham. Now, if memory serves, Ms. Beckham’s signature aesthetic is the sort of body-conscious dress that zips and molds everything so tightly into place that it is impossible not to look extremely sexy. This collection offered nary a hint of that." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
  • "Once upon a time, Victoria Beckham would've been the last designer you'd expect to embrace menswear. But coming up on the fifth anniversary of her business, she's more than just a resource for a sexy, skintight frocks." []
  • "Of course, you just want to get dressed every day; you’re not looking to turn your closet into a think tank for the fancier, intellectualized notions of designers. Good thing Victoria Beckham is on your side." []
  • "Did seem to herald a new chapter for the Victoria Beckham label - evolving her signature shapes to combine the enhanced and voluminous with the restrained." [ UK]
  • "Her beautiful fall collection offered a strong play on English heritage fabrics, which she executed with ease and modernity." [WWD]