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The Blizzard According to the Brant Brothers: 'So In Right Now'

Peter: Snowstorms are so in right now, oh my god they're so chic. Harry: They're hot. More of this, this way...

Stephanie Seymour, star of Jason Wu's spring campaign, sat front and center at the designer's fall show yesterday. Though Seymour was obviously the focus of the paparazzi's flashbulbs, her two sons, Peter II and Harry, garnered plenty of attention too. And the three of them together, well, that's a damn good photo-op.

While the photogs were focusing on Seymour, we snuck in to chat with our favorite fashion brothers. The snow/sleet (I believe the technical term is "wintry mix") had really started to come down by Wu's 1 p.m. show yet the Brant boys looked impeccable: Peter II wore a leather biker jacket, scarf, and mittens (more on those in a minute) and Harry wore a full on tux with a black dress shirt embroidered with beading down the front. So we had to ask--what did the boys think about the storm, and how did they dress for it?

Fashionista: What do you think of the storm? Peter: Snowstorms are so in right now, oh my god they're so chic. Harry: They're hot. Peter: New York is kind of copying Paris couture week. They kind of set the trend and now we're trying to have our own snowstorm to upstage them. Harry: But it's not really working, it's turning into rain. Peter: I mean, there's hail, but we're going to get a lot more inches here. And we're going to actually have cars that work, because in Paris you get a half inch of snow and the whole city shuts down.

Fashionista: So what do you wear in a snowstorm to be chic? Peter: You can never have enough shoes, hats, scarves, and gloves. Harry: And fur! And leather! [Joking...sorta?] I have just steamer trunks to pull from! Peter: I actually lost three pairs of gloves this week and I'm down to just these mittens now.

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Fashionista: What's your schedule like this week? Harry: Busy!

Fashionista: And what's it like to go to a show with your mom? Harry: I'm so excited! She never comes, I can't get her to come out with me for anything. Peter: One time they went to Marc Jacobs together a couple of seasons ago, and they were so late they wouldn't let them in. Harry: But actually that was the only other time I've kind of gone to a show with her. But as soon as Jason wanted me to come to the show with her, then I started to get really excited, and I was like, "Do you want to come to this show with me, and then we can do this show, and we can go to this party," but I tend to overdo it. She's been-there, done-that many times.