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V Cover Girls Kate Moss and Rihanna Discuss Their Chemistry, Future Topless Shoots

Bad bitch of the moment Rihanna and Kate Moss's sexy V cover story is finally here! Rihanna explains why she leaked the photos back in November and both ladies tell us how they met.
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Bad bitch of the moment Rihanna and Kate Moss's sexy V cover story is finally here!

We like that V acknowledges the fact that although it's only just now releasing the official photos, many of them, "hacked from an insider’s computer," were leaked online months ago by Rihanna herself to her bajillion Twitter and Instagram followers. (Apparently Rihanna didn't know they were leaked and posted them because she was "so excited.”)

So how did this magical pairing come to be?

According to the cover story, penned by Derek Blasberg, it happened when Mario Testino bore witness to Moss and Rihanna's undeniable chemistry at a Stella McCartney show.

This was the second time the two bombshells had met. The first was at the 2009 Met Ball, where Moss and Rihanna were seated next to each other and Moss asked to take a photo for her daughter Lila, who is a fan. Moss recalls: “I was a fan, but what really started it was my daughter and her friends running round the house singing all the words to her songs.”

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Rihanna's response: “I was, like, Are you fucking kidding me? I was so starstruck. I’m not going to lie.” She also couldn't believe Kate Moss was a mom: “I didn’t know she had a child, and she still looks like this? So there’s hope for people who want babies and still want to be sexy.”

At the Stella McCartney party, Testino approached Rihanna after noticing her bonding with Moss, asking when they could schedule a shoot. “I was dying on the inside," gushed Rihanna. "All my fantasies were coming true all at once: Mario, V, Kate Moss. I was like, This is an amazing threesome!”

It certainly is, as you can see below in a super touchy-feely video and in the rest of the photos which you can check out at V. So, would they do it again (topless, that is)? Kate said: “In a heartbeat.” Rihanna: “That depends on the terms, but I’m sure Kate knows them.”

We don't know what that means, but it sounds scandalous.