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Allison Williams Is Already Planning What She'll Wear to the Met Ball

Sometimes, life really does imitate art. So what would Marnie wear if she wanted to look punk?
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Sometimes, life really does imitate art.

This seems to be the case for Allison Williams, who reveals to T magazine just how in control she wants to be of her image--which, you know, sounds exactly like her Girls character Marnie.

Just some of the things Marnie Williams does to keep her look on track: She keeps a finely-curated up-to-date look book of inspirational tear-sheets from magazines, she's perfected her blow out (she's says she's ambidextrous, which means her hairstyle isn't "lopsided"), and she's always wearing sunscreen and removing her makeup (with Simple products, obvs).

But the most Type-A move in Williams's arsenal? Despite the fact that the Met Ball isn't until May (and despite the fact that she will almost definitely have a stylist and need Anna Wintour's stamp of approval for the event), she is already planning what she wants to wear and how she will do her makeup:

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I’m getting ready for the Met Ball. The theme is punk, so I’ve been doing a lot of research. I’ve been looking through Sex Pistols photography, pictures of Vivienne Westwood. I’m really excited to commit to that theme.

Hmm... who else loves to commit to a theme?

In all seriousness, though, we kind of have to admire her planning and enthusiasm--and now we're really looking forward to seeing what the normally straight-laced Williams puts together for the punk-themed event.