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Bag Lady Edition: Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 vs. Pearl River Mart Forever vs. Celine Fall 2013

From Chinatown's Pearl River Mart to luxury stores all around the world: Who would have thought this $5 plaid nylon shopper would be so inspirational to designers like Marc Jacobs and Phoebe Philo?
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Back in October of 2006 (approximately 980 eons ago in fashion years), Marc Jacobs sent models down Louis Vuitton's Paris runway toting checkered nylon shopping bags that more than resembled the $5 version one generally finds at Chinatown's Pearl River Mart. The only notable differences, of course, included a massive "Louis Vuitton" postage stamp logo and an approximately $595 price variant.

But this season, Celine's taken the bag lady concept a step further still--answering the question we've all been pondering our entire lives but never quite knew how to verbalize: Why just carry a checkered nylon shopping bag... when you can wear one?! Yes, now (well, this fall), you can wrap your entire body in crinkly, water-resistant plaid. No use in letting your fruit stand purchases have all the fun, right? That Phoebe Philo, she sure is somethin'.

So now we ask you: Which would you rather have hanging over your pantry doorknob? Louis Vuitton's cheeky shopper, Celine's ironic anorak, or good ole Pearl River's apparently iconic (and environmentally friendly!) reusable plastic bag?

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