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Cara Delevingne Has Spawned 20 Spoof Twitter Accounts, Including One for Her Virginity

When social media presence gets...weird.

It's no secret that Cara Delevingne pretty much kills it on social media. I mean the girl has 533,274 followers (and counting!) on Twitter.

Her social media prowess has no doubt helped the model-of-the-moment's burgeoning career--but, as Delevingne pointed out in her recent video for Vogue UK, there's a weirder side to all the Twitter love.

"All my body parts [are on Twitter,]" Delevingne told the magazine, which she covers this month. "It was literally a day that someone made a 'Cara's Eyebrow' account. And I followed them. Just one person. I followed them and literally that day, [there were] 300 [new] accounts. Bellybuttons, thigh gap, one virginity is on there too."

We looked into it and sure enough, an @CarasVirginity does exist. Its bio: "DO I EXSIST? [sic] THAT IS THE QUESTION.."

Here's a running list of all the other Twitter handles she--and her body parts--have inspired:

Eyebrows: @eyebrow_cara @CaraEyeBrows @caraseyerbrows @CarasRightBrow @eyebrows_caras

Legs: @CarasThighGap @CarasLeftThigh @CarasThigh @legsofcaras

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Eyes: @CarasBogEye @caraslefteye

Mouth: @CarasPout @CaraDTongue

Cheeks: @CarasDimples @CarasCheeks

Boobs: @CarasNipples @Caras_Boobs

Brain: @Caras_Brain

Ass: @CaraAss

Clothing: @Caras_Hats @CarasOnesies

That's twenty all told--and we're sure the list continues to grow daily. Kind of makes all those other spoof celebrity Twitter accounts look tame...