Cara Delevingne Has Spawned 20 Spoof Twitter Accounts, Including One for Her Virginity

When social media presence gets...weird.
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It's no secret that Cara Delevingne pretty much kills it on social media. I mean the girl has 533,274 followers (and counting!) on Twitter.

Her social media prowess has no doubt helped the model-of-the-moment's burgeoning career--but, as Delevingne pointed out in her recent video for Vogue UK, there's a weirder side to all the Twitter love.

"All my body parts [are on Twitter,]" Delevingne told the magazine, which she covers this month. "It was literally a day that someone made a 'Cara's Eyebrow' account. And I followed them. Just one person. I followed them and literally that day, [there were] 300 [new] accounts. Bellybuttons, thigh gap, one virginity is on there too."

We looked into it and sure enough, an @CarasVirginity does exist. Its bio: "DO I EXSIST? [sic] THAT IS THE QUESTION.."

Here's a running list of all the other Twitter handles she--and her body parts--have inspired:

Eyebrows: @eyebrow_cara @CaraEyeBrows @caraseyerbrows @CarasRightBrow @eyebrows_caras

Legs: @CarasThighGap @CarasLeftThigh @CarasThigh @legsofcaras

Eyes: @CarasBogEye @caraslefteye

Mouth: @CarasPout @CaraDTongue

Cheeks: @CarasDimples @CarasCheeks

Boobs: @CarasNipples @Caras_Boobs

Brain: @Caras_Brain

Ass: @CaraAss

Clothing: @Caras_Hats @CarasOnesies

That's twenty all told--and we're sure the list continues to grow daily. Kind of makes all those other spoof celebrity Twitter accounts look tame...