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New Details About Katniss's Catching Fire Wedding Gown, Peeta's Rick Owens Duds and More

No, Katniss is not wearing McQueen.

This week Capitol Couture (the Hunger Games blog) relaunched, revealing some very intriguing Catching Fire character portraits in the process.

We already noted that Effie's outfit looked like Alexander McQueen gown, and so did Katniss's white frock. Turns out we were half right.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Catching Fire's costume designer, Trish Summerville, who set the record straight.

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First of all, yes, Effie is wearing Alexander McQueen. But Katniss's gown (which is indeed her wedding gown--so Hunger Games-obsessed brides-to-be, take note!), is by Jakarta-based designer Tex Saverio. "I found his designs quite some time ago and saved his information for a perfectly fitting project, then came Catching Fire--perfect!" Summerville told THR. Saverio has previously designed looks for Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian wears one of his gowns in her Nicola Formichetti-styled March Elle spread (check it out here ).

Katniss's wedding gown features a Swarovski crystal-covered corset under a metal cage, which extends up past her shoulders and is meant to signify fire. Feathers on the waist and shoulder represent the mockingjay symbol, and the skirt is full and poufy--on purpose. "This is very important for the twirling/spinning Katniss does onstage, per Caesar Flickerman's request," Summerville said.

Peeta also gets to wear some designer duds. His creamy suit is by a Korean-based designer, Juunj. And his wedding kicks? Rick Owens!

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