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Chloe on Chloé

Chloe Sevigny (the actress) tells us why she loves Chloe (the brand)--but stopped loving her own first name.

Who better to headline last night's cocktail party at Barneys in celebration of Chloé's 60th anniversary than Chloe Sevigny? Not only do the brand and the actress share a moniker, but Sevigny is also an avid collector of vintage Chloé.

"When I started collecting vintage, I started collecting early-Lagerfeld '70s Chloé," she told us. "I just think it's so pretty and girly in a way that's not afraid to be really feminine." In fact, Sevigny was wearing Lagerfeld for Chloé (from the '80s) to last night's event--a sexy black dress with a gold sequined violin in the middle that served as a reminder of the label's quirkier past. You couldn't miss her.

Though Sevigny is perhaps better known now for wearing the Opening Ceremony line she designs, or edgier New York labels like Proenza Schouler, she's been a Chloé devotee since she was a little girl--and of course, sharing a name didn't hurt the obsession.

"When I was little I got Chloé perfume, every birthday, every Christmas, from extended family members," she said. "I didn't know any other Chloes. I lived in a really small town so to me it seemed really chic, my name, because with the perfume and whatnot. But now everybody's named Chloe and everybody's dog is named Chloe and it's not as elegant a name to me anymore."

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At least vintage Chloe never goes out of style.