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David LaChapelle Sued for $75 Million by Ex-Lover/Agent

This lawsuit sounds like it will be LaChapelle's messiest yet.
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Controversy continues to surround David LaChapelle.

The noted fashion and celebrity photographer is being sued by his former agent (and, incidentally, lover) for $75 million for... a slew of things, according to the Daily News.

The agent, Fred Torres, alleges that LaChapelle owes him $25 million in expenses for processing and distributing his photos, that he conspired with agents from Paul Kasmin Gallery to steal Torres's client list, which he says is worth $40 million. He even claims LaChapelle planted spies.

To further complicate things, LaChapelle actually sued Torres to the tune of $2.8 million three months ago for not paying him for photos he had sold.

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LaChapelle's lawyer told the Daily News, that Torres's lawsuit is “retaliation of the basest kind" and that “Torres’s own spreadsheets show that he owes David a great deal of money."

Torres's claims get pretty complicated: He says his company took LaChapelle's negatives to make prints and that he has 1,277 LaChapelle prints in storage for which $5 million in fabrication expenses were not paid. He also claims he's owed $300,000 in personal expenses "including groceries, toiletries, and lavish dinners," and the decoration of LaChapelle's apartment. Also...Torres still lives in the same building as LaChapelle. With a new lover.

LaChapelle is no stranger to scandal. The photographer, known for his bold, often shocking images, was sued just a few weeks ago for beating and strangling a gallerist. In 2011, LaChapelle sued Rihanna for plagiarizing his images--the suit settled out of court.

This lawsuit sounds like it will be LaChapelle's messiest yet.