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Girls Fashion Recap: An Assault on Our Eyes and Ears

We don't really want to relive anything that happened during last night's episode, so we'll just focus on the clothes.
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Leah and I both had to watch this entire episode of Girls with our hands half-covering our eyes. Lena Dunham packed more cringe-inducing and, in some cases, traumatizing moments into a half hour than we even thought possible, many of which had nothing to do with sex. I honestly think I have PTSD from that cotton swab moment (I keep having to touch my ears when I think about it). Then, there was Hannah picking stuff out of her butt, Marnie's impromptu vocal performance/public breakdown, and, of course, "Get on all fours."

We don't really want to relive any of this, so we'll just focus on the clothes.

Photos: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Hannah Meets Her Editor

I secretly kind of think some of Hannah's washed out, awkward dresses are cute. Sure, there are ways this could be improved upon: A brighter color, shorter sleeve, different buttons, and a smaller lapel would have looked better, but I honestly don't mind this. Our guess is it's a vintage find, altered to be shorter. It's kind of adorable in a Sally Draper way. Plus, compared to what she wears during the rest of this episode, it's practically best dressed list-worthy.

Ray in Shoshanna's Snuggie

We instantly recognized this ridiculous peace sign Snuggie from season one, when Shoshanna was snuggled up on her couch watching some trashy reality TV show, talking to Hannah about how her biggest "baggage" is her virginity. Now, here's the guy who took that virginity wearing it while Shosh guiltily "takes care of" him. We're not sure why Ray is wearing it--it doesn't seem like he's sick--but it's adorable nonetheless.

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Marnie's Embarrassing Performance Outfit

Marnie is back to her weirdly grown up Black Halo-esque dresses. We were sort of hoping she was done with those, but maybe she thinks it makes her look like she has it together when in reality she so doesn't.

Shoshanna's Party Outfit/Absurd Hair

We can't with Shoshanna's hair anymore. It may actually be the most befuddling part of this episode. What is she going for? It seems to be getting more ridiculous with each passing episode. Here, she must be wearing one of those Hot Buns™ bun-creating tools they advertise on TV, because I don't think I could make a bun half that size using 100% of my hair.

Perhaps it has something to do with her infidelity? To quote Mean Girls, "That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets."

Hannah in Public Sans Pants

Hannah goes to the hospital and runs into Adam in a big old T-shirt and no pants. It makes us sad and stressed out. What else is there to say? Other than, please let things improve during next week's season finale.