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Girls Fashion Recap: Everyone Goes Insane

So this was the episode where everyone loses their shit. Spoiler alert.
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So this was the episode of Girls where everyone lost their shit. Spoiler alert.

Hannah develops OCD (did anyone else get just the slightest feeling she was faking it?); Marnie panics because she hasn't accomplished as much as her ex who very suddenly became the CEO of a startup; Shosh hooks up with a doorman; Adam goes to an AA meeting (where he delivered a monologue that was easily one of the best moments in the show's history); and Ray, as usual, is the voice of reason.

How did all of that manifest itself visually through the characters' wardrobes (and hair. Oh, the hair.)? Let's take a look.

Marnie's Undone Look Marnie appears to have pretty much given up with this uncharacteristically laid-back look. No makeup, messy hair, hoodie, jeans, and flip flops, which--you just don't wear flip flops out and about in NYC unless you're really having one of those days (it's too dirty!). Also: No purse? She just doesn't seem like a no-purse kind of gal. I personally feel anxiety even when I go to the cafe on the ground floor of my building to grab coffee without my purse.

We'd be concerned if this version of Marnie showed up at our office out of the blue, too.

Crazy Hannah

OCD Hannah wore her hair up a lot more than usual in this episode--perhaps a sign of her need for control or attempting to appear put together while she's unraveling on the inside? The result wasn't exactly sleek, but putting up short hair is tricky. As usual, she wears dresses that might be cute if they weren't such horrible colors.

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It will be interesting to see how Hannah's OCD impacts her wardrobe in episodes to come.

RIP Marnie's hosting outfit?

Speaking of episodes to come, will they no longer feature Marnie's ridiculous work uniform which has thus far been described as "slutty Von Trapp child" and "a magician's assistant" by Elijah and Ray, respectively? Now that she's made a new career goal for herself, singing (which could also potentially involve some ridiculous outfits), this may have been the last time we see Marnie in the suspenders and tap shorts get-up. Let's hope.

Shoshanna's Party Look

My theory is that Shosh was living out some sort of Sex and the City fantasy with her look--and actions--this episode. We're pretty sure Carrie Bradshaw has rocked a ridiculous side braid or two. Also, her dress is really cute and almost Raf Simons Dior-esque, no? And another thing: Does anyone really believe Shoshanna would out-of-the-blue cheat on Ray and not blurt out something remorseful in the midst? I for one, do not.

Adam and His Date

We're surprisingly glad to see Adam back on the show independent of Hannah (even if he is part of what's causing her to lose it). And for the first time, we see what he looks like on a dinner date: Perfectly presentable. We might go with a little less facial hair (or maybe a little more?), but overall it's fine for dinner in what appears to be Little Italy. His date looks like she could be a little older than him judging by her outfit: A body-con sheath and a clutch, which is kind of stereotypical date-y. We'd expect to see this on Jennifer Aniston in a rom-com before a Girls character, but maybe it fits her personality. Think she'll be a recurring character?