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How OPI Names Its Nail Polish

"My Very First Knockwurst" or "“I’m Not Really A Waitress,” anyone?
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OPI, the mega popular salon nail polish staple, churns out eight nail polish collections a year. And the more quirky and punny the name, the better. (Its best-seller, for the record, is the cult favorite red “I’m Not Really A Waitress.”)

At an event yesterday to promote the launch of the nail polish powerhouse's new Liquid Sand line, Bond Girls (a follow-up to its James Bond collection, out April 1), we checked in with OPI's CEO Suzi Weiss-Fischmann.

We grilled the refreshingly open-book Weiss-Fischmann on upcoming lines (Game of Thrones, please?), the death of nail art, and how on earth she comes up with those nail polish names.

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On a Game of Thrones collection [Ed. note: Please, let it happen.]: “I consider everything. There’s nothing I don’t consider. I’ll keep it in mind,” Weiss-Fischmann said with a glint in her eye, as we asked her about the possibility for a Khaleesi-named nail polish in the future.

On nail art: Don’t put the nail in the coffin on nail art quite yet. “I don’t call it nail art, I call it nail design because it’s much more sophisticated. It’s here to stay,” Weiss-Fischmann said. And it’s not just for the young: “I’m 57 and I think it’s for everyone!"

On how they name polishes: You wish all your meetings could be this fun. Nail polish naming meetings consist of an unusual mix of people who just have a knack for puns: “Six crazy people from Marketing, Susan from Purchasing, and Elaine from Customer Service,” Weiss-Fischmann said. If it’s a travel-themed collection, they fill up a conference room with food representatives from the country because if there are two things OPI is passionate about (besides nail polish), it’s food and travel. It takes roughly eight hours to name 12 shades.

And about those polishes named after sausage... Weiss-Fischmann told us she gets stumped when people call customer service asking about “that sausage shade” (this apparently happens). The brand has two "sausage shades" in fact: “Hands Off My Kielbasa” and "My Very First Knockwurst" from the Germany collection.