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John Galliano Is Not Teaching at Central Saint Martins

Yes, John Galliano was at Central Saint Martins last week. No, he's not working there. But here's what he was up to.
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Among the list of professions John Galliano is rumored to be taking up is professor at his alma mater, Central Saint Martins. Fueling that speculation, Galliano made an appearance at the school Friday, confirmed by several excited Tweets from students and passersby, such as "Walked passed John Galliano on shoreditch high street whilst eating the potato snacks. I think" (The Cut compiled a few good ones).

We imagine Galliano is pretty easy to spot, so it was probably him.

However, the school confirmed to WWD that Galliano does not have any teaching post at the school--though he may have something to put on his resumé in the event that he ever wants one. A rep said that "for several years" Galliano has worked on a project at the school where he gives students from CSM's women’s wear B.A. fashion course a theme to work around and then comes in to comment on the designs of 12 selected students, which is what he was reportedly doing Friday. "There will be no further comment from the college about this," the rep concluded.

With his Oscar de la Renta gig over and about seven months until his court date with LVMH, we wonder how Galliano will fill his time now. Any suggestions?

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