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Marc Jacobs Will Never Act Again

Breaking: Marc Jacobs has retired from acting.
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Breaking: Marc Jacobs has retired from acting because it's tedious.

As you may know, the designer took on a small role as a porn baron in the upcoming film Disconnect (see the trailer here). Turns out, a friend of his asked him to do it and the experience was not as thrilling as the movie looks.

"I mean I did it and I was quite excited when I saw the trailer I have to admit because it all of a sudden felt very real," Jacobs told the Telegraph. "But being out in Yonkers in the freezing cold like from 4pm to 9am in the morning, repeating the same lines over and over again... I would not wanna be an actor. I told him: 'this is the first, and last film, ever.' It's not that there aren't tedious moments in the life of a fashion designer but I wouldn't trade them for the tedious moments for the life of an actor that's for sure; I'm very happy with what I do."

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While we're relieved to hear Jacobs won't be giving up fashion design for Hollywood, it would have been fun to see him on the big screen every now and then.

Guess we'll just have to settle for his increasingly cinematic runway shows.