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Opening Ceremony Made a $400 Fur Slap Bracelet Set for Fall 2013

Slap bracelets are back! For real this time, we think.
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I spent a chunk of yesterday morning wandering around Opening Ceremony's Chinatown showroom, perusing Humberto Leon and Carol Lim's fall 2013 offerings and probably drooling and maybe crying a little because I wanted everything so desperately, as is the case every season.

In a way, nothing about the collection really shocked me--there was fur, some not-vulgar crop tops, adorable printed fit and flare dresses, rose sweatshirts, beautiful coats--all unsurprisingly cute, if a bit more austere than past collections (owed to deeper, richer colors and fur, mostly). The shoes and handbags were on point. But then came a fun surprise.

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Leon came in and asked, "Have you seen these?" pointing to a pair of what looked like furry rectangles... weirdly stiff gloves maybe? He then proceeded to lift one up and slap it onto my wrist, at which point it became a bracelet. "Whaaaaat?" I said. And then everyone freaked out and started playing with them. "It's the ultimate high-low," he said. Indeed, they're made of fox fur and will retail for $390 a pair.

Yep, Opening Ceremony made fur slap bracelets. But it's actually not the first to do it. We found some on Etsy. And this isn't the first time childish wrist accessories have tried to infiltrate the fashion world. Remember Silly Bandz? And those slap watches a company likened to Balenciaga? And that time Julia Restoin Roitfeld wore a bunch of slap bracelets on her legs?

Despite making headlines all three of those times, the return of slap bracelets never really stuck. But this is Opening Ceremony, which means that, given their undeniable cool cred, slap bracelets are totally going to be a thing come fall. Are your wrists ready?