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Oscar de la Renta's Relationship with Michelle Obama Not Likely to Improve

Is the relationship between Oscar de la Renta and Michelle Obama beyond repair, or is there a chance Obama will have an Oscar moment in the future? De la Renta is not very hopeful.
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Whether it's about Cathy Horyn's meat analogies or the first lady's fashion etiquette, Oscar de la Renta has no problem giving his opinion. The latter is de la Renta's latest "victim" if you can call FLOTUS/Vogue cover girl/best dressed list regular Michelle Obama a victim.

He's famously criticized Obama for her outfit choices (which have never included OdlR)--like wearing a cardigan to meet the Queen and wearing McQueen instead of an American or Chinese designer to a state dinner for the Chinese President. Last we heard from de la Renta on the subject, he said he "would like to dress" Michelle Obama, but posited, "Will it make any changes to my business? Does my customer in Dubai care if I am dressing Mrs. Obama or not? I don’t think so.”

Even if Michelle Obama has never publicly dissed Oscar de la Renta (because, uh, why would she?), the fact that she's never once worn a design of his is sort of a statement in and of itself, right?

So is the relationship beyond repair, or is there a chance Michelle Obama will have an Oscar moment in the future?

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De la Renta is not very hopeful. He told the AP during a Mexico City fashion gala, "It is a relation that began poorly and I think it will end the same way."

Which we guess is why he's not worried about bluntly insinuating, in the same interview, that Obama doesn't influence fashion. He said, "an anonymous woman on the street is the woman who influences fashion today, not a movie star or a first lady."

We'd argue that both influence fashion in different ways, but regardless, this fashion beef does not look like it will have an ending as happy as de la Renta's with Cathy Horyn. Though, we're pretty sure both parties will be just fine without each other.