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Pretty Little Liars Costume Designer Sort of Tells Us Who 'A' Is

In advance of tonight's spring finale of my favorite show Pretty Little Liars, I got to interview costume designer Mandi Line! Read on for our interview, in which she dishes on overdressed teens, fashion schizophrenia and who A is! Yep, she really told us. Kind of.
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The citizens of Rosewood may be full of secrets, but I've got nothing to hide when it comes to my love of Pretty Little Liars. I'm obsessed. It's the best show ever and everyone should get on their Netflix and start watching it immediately. And if you do watch it, how excited are you for tonight's season finale?!

It's impossible to talk about Pretty Little Liars without talking about the teen characters' outfits, which are invariably unrealistic, over the top and ridiculous--especially those worn by Hannah and Aria. As we examined back in January, stilettos, cocktail dresses, and designer purses are considered standard school attire for these girls, who live in a small East Coast town. Then again, the show's not called Plain Little Liars, is it? PLL's costume designer, Mandi Line, is aware of and unapologetic about the show's fanciful costumes, which, while extravagant, are actually pretty accessible. She's joined Get★This, a platform that brings fans the fashion from their favorite TV shows, as a style ambassador sharing her styling tips and tricks. Soon, there will be a mobile app through which you can shop the clothes while they're on TV.

When Get★This gave us the opportunity to interview Line, we obviously couldn't say no. Read on for our interview, in which she dishes on overdressed teens, fashion schizophrenia, and who A is.

Fashionista: We love the show and the clothes, but the fashion does – at times – seem a tad unrealistic/formal for high school. Do you ever worry about that, or do you just say “To hell with it!” and have fun? Mandi Line: No, I don’t worry about it! It’s entertainment! You want to create excitement and inspiration for fans through the show’s fashion and style. If I were to dress the cast like people in high school, we would lose the audience. High school was jeans and sweatshirts, and that’s not what people want to see on TV.

Do you have a favorite character to dress? Aria! She is my mini me. She has fashion schizophrenia, and her outfits never need to make sense or match the occasion. I also love to dress Mona because she uses her clothing and style to put on a front; it’s all manipulated to disguise who she really is as a person.

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Do the actresses ever influence their wardrobes? They’ve all become so fashion-y in their own right. They all do. They have opinions and have adopted some elements of the show’s fashion into their own personal style. Lucy Hale has mentioned this in interviews several times.

How much prep did the Halloween episodes take? We have seven days to prep, but only two days of that is for shopping, fitting, and wardrobing. It’s always a mad rush!

What’s the most difficult or bizarre scene you’ve had to costume? “The Crow 4” with Eddie Furlong because there were 20 wardrobe changes of one outfit. There were so many blood shots, and he wore a lot of bandages that were constantly being changed out. I made a jacket that ended up being worn during several scenes. What has been your favorite look so far? “The Congress,” a film starring Robin Wright. The movie isn’t out yet, but she wears a superhero costume we had made in Germany. It’s amazing!

Since we're so excited to be able to shop the show's wardrobe with Get★This, where do you source most of the clothes? I like to maintain obtainable fashion in the shows that I costume for ABC Family. I go to the department stores, of course, but I also shop at boutiques in Los Feliz and in and around Los Angeles. I like to support the local businesses!

Does Ashley Benson ever get tired of walking in high heels? No! She loves heels. She never lets me put her in flats. Spencer and Emily are too tall for heels, so they wear flats a lot.

Who's A? A parent… Veronica... one of the Hastings.