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Rachel Zoe Slams Page Six for Starting 'Made Up' Rumors Her Line Isn't Doing Well

Rachel Zoe is "zoe" not impressed with Page Six.

Rachel Zoe is "zoe" not impressed with Page Six.

In a new clip released to The Hollywood Reporter from season five of The Rachel Zoe Project, which kicks off tonight at 9pm on Bravo, Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman start New York Fashion Week in a less-than-desirable way: By reading a New York Post piece trumpeting that her line is in trouble.

Since that piece was published it's been a bit of a roller coaster in terms of news about Zoe's line. First, Zoe denied the rumors her line was in trouble--but then trailers for the latest season of The Rachel Zoe Project kind of made it seem like the label was having issues after all. So which is it?

Well, according to Zoe in this new clip, "Nothing about what [Page Six] printed was accurate."

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"This is completely made up crap," Berman adds. "But people will believe it and that's what's so sad."

"I just think Page Six likes to write things without actually fact checking," Zoe says.

Berman tells her that she has to take the high road and remain mum, which doesn't please her since she feels that "no comment" is actually an admission of guilt.

Needless to say, regardless of if Zoe's line is in trouble or not, this plot line should make for some great TV this season.

Check out the full clip at The Hollywood Reporter.