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Simon Doonan On Being a 'Sporty Lesbian'

Simon Doonan: always, always hilarious.
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Yesterday we caught up with one of our industry favorites, Barneys' creative ambassador at-large Simon Doonan not once but twice--first at a Barneys cocktail party to celebrate Chloe's 60th anniversary, and then later at the Fashion 2.0 Awards.

The always-on-trend Doonan--sporting a metallic Burberry trench--was the keynote speaker at the event and addressed the audience about social media and how great it is for, among other things, shoe sales. "Many people are walking down the street distracted [by social media] and as a result they are treading in dog poop," he said. "This is a good thing. Why? Because it makes me laugh! It's also good for shoe sales at Barneys."

We caught up with the master of witty one-liners to get his thoughts on bloggers, Grindr, and being a "sporty lesbian."

Fashionista: Why--other than dog poop--do you love social media? Simon Doonan: The thing I love most--the bloggers, the journalists, the people involved in it--they're all fun. And they're irreverent and silly. That makes them good communicators. They're fun and unpretentious and they're informal. Like magazine journalism is so formal--social media makes it fun and human. It's the way we speak to each other. Whereas magazines formalize everything.

So it's not going away? I think this is just the beginning. It's the tip of the iceberg. We're going to claw our way to the top.

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Have you ever use Grindr, you know, just to look? No - have you seen how cute my husband is? You should see him with his clothes off--he has the most amazing body.

Do you guys work out together? We used to, but now that I'm so ancient, I can't keep up with him. We used to bench press together like two little steroid dwarves.

Let's go back to bloggers? Are they here to stay or what do you think? It's kind of hilarious that people who have a blog for a year or two are sitting in the front rows. God bless America and God bless Paris and Milan as well. It's funny. It's hilarious. It's good. It makes fashion seem new. Change is good.

Spring is all about changing your wardrobe. What do you want now and what should go away? Glam rock, flamboyance. There's been enough heritage wear. I want shiny, prints, glamour, glam rock. If I see one more gray cardigan on a man I'm going to scream my brains out! It's about zhuzhing yourself up.

What are your spring plans? Paddleboarding. I'm very sporty. I do everything. I'm a sporty lesbian! I follow soccer religiously. That's my other passion in life--it's soccer and fashion.

Wait, so all sports? Do you play basketball? Just because I'm a midget you ask if I play basketball how dare you! I'm also good at ping pong by the way.