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The 10 Biggest Stories from the Fall 2013 Fashion Season

Fashion month: It's finally, truly over.

Fashion month: It's finally, truly over.

And what a month it was. New York, London, Milan, Paris: We've seen our fair share of naked breasts, unexpected famous faces front row, and fashion shows--lots and lots of fashion shows.

From snow storms to scuffles with critics, a lot happened in just four short weeks. So we've rounded up the ten biggest stories, just in case you needed a refresher--before you pop open a bottle of wine and queue up all those shows you've had on your DVR for the past month, that is!

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Nemo Found

Come on--did you really think a little thing like a snowstorm was going to bring the runways to a halt? While Nemo may have delayed some of the international editors, for the rest of us here in NYC it was business as usual. Luckily, we got snow survival tips from some of the chicest and coolest in the industry, which really made us feel better about dressing down for fashion week. Why step out in stilettos when you can wear your comfiest snow boots (and not risk busting your ass in the process)?

Suzy Menkes vs. Susie Bubble

After all that kerfuffle last season between Cathy Horyn and, well, just about everyone, we thought we could rely on this season being quiet on the critique front. Then Suzy Menkes penned a piece for T called, "The Circus of Fashion," and it sent ripples through the blogosphere. Fashion personalities like Susie Lau and Leandra Medine, specifically named by Menkes, took to their blogs in defense of the genre. We tapped our founding editor Faran Krentcil (who had already told us why she'll always dress up for fashion week, haters be damned) to weigh in on the debate.

Front Rower Gets Her Own Meme

Well, that's one way to stand out. While all eyes should have been on Jason Wu's fall collection, fresh from the buzz of providing Michelle Obama's second Inaugural gown, one pair of neon green pants stole the show. went to the trouble of photoshopping her pants into a subtle khaki, but the damage was done. We still haven't figured out who this daring show-goer was, but she quickly earned the internet's highest honor: her own meme. (And lest you think that scared her off from wearing brightly colored pants ever again, she showed up at the Dries Van Noten show just a few weeks later rocking the same pair--brava!)

Galliano Stages a Comeback

February was kind of a big month for Galliano: He went to court filing suit against his former employer Dior, which his lawyer claimed was going successfully. Oh, and then there was that little matter of his re-entry into fashion.

We've been watching like hawks for any sign of Galliano, and we got news just weeks before New York fashion week that Galliano had been accepted into the atelier of Oscar de la Renta, thanks to some behind-the-scenes work by Anna Wintour. Dolce and Gabbana also threw their support behind the disgraced designer. Galliano was on hand to give some styling tweaks, which were evident on de la Renta's fall runway.

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But just when things should have been turning around for him, Galliano was snapped in an outfit that the New York Post claimed mocked Hasidic Jews. Fashion editors and the Anti-Defamation League rushed to his defense, but the story had gone viral.

One step forward, two steps back...

Naked Ambition

While boobs have become somewhat blasé in fashion (Most of us honestly hardly even bat an eye at a naked editorial anymore), Lily McMenamy's nearly-nude turn on Marc Jacobs's fall runway made us stand up and take notice. Kristen McMenamy's still-teenaged daughter made her runway debut last season for the likes of Saint Laurent and Chanel, but it was this glove-covered look that really vaulted her to the spotlight. We'll see if she can keep it.

Marc's Pajama Party

Normally a big fan of the man-skirt, Marc Jacobs totally flipped the script on us by wearing uber-chic pajama sets during all his runway bows. He was clearly in the mood for lounging, as he sent lingerie and PJ-inspired looks out at both his eerie Marc Jacobs runway and his hotel-themed Louis Vuitton show. “What is the most decadent thing anybody could ever do?” he said to Andre Leon Talley. “Get all dressed up, do their makeup, and stay at home.”

Also, we finally got a peek of him as a cyber-porn baron--creepy!


Fashion's Night Out, we barely knew ye. After four years of drinking, partying, and rubbing elbows with celebs--and sometimes shopping--the sponsors of the event pulled the plug for 2013. While it is still planned to go on internationally, America will not be participating. (That sound you heard was NYCers everywhere heaving a sigh of relief.) We certainly had a love-hate relationship with the event, but we're not all too sad to see it go.

Alexander Wang Makes Balenciaga Debut

We've devoted thousands of words to Alexander Wang's appointment to famed French fashion house Balenciaga: Why was he chosen? Was he a good fit? What will he do with the brand? Finally, after a scaled back show, the fashion community finally saw what Wang has in store for the brand, and how he was tackling the seemingly near-impossible task of filling Nicolas Ghesquiere's shoes. And, while not exactly as groundbreaking, he also didn't fail. Anna Wintour said she was "very proud" of his debut, which is nothing to scoff at. Until next season, Alex!

Hedi Slimane Remains Divisive

You should definitely not expect Hedi Slimane to avoid controversy. Following his first effort for Saint Laurent, which spawned both glossy covers and open-letter arguments, Slimane didn't back down from his unique Californian vision for his second season with the brand. A tribute to grunge, the collection received the near immediate approval of grunge muse Courtney Love and fashion icon Kate Moss. The critics, however, remained divided, with Cathy Horyn (reviewing from photos as she is still on Slimane's shitlist) deeming the pieces "not special."

Unexpected Front Row Cameos

Sure, the more usual suspects showed up--Kanye couldn't stay away from the Paris shows, bringing along Kim Kardashian and in-utero baby Kimye, natch--but it was the celebs we didn't expect to see that delighted us. Grace Jones performed at Philipp Plein while Janet Jackson held court at Versace. Cher showed up at Gareth Pugh--fucking Cher, people! And the newest front row darling was definitely Frank Ocean, who charmed the pants off of us at Valentino and made the perfect end cap to a crazy month.