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The 25 Best Street Style Snaps from Paris Fashion Week

C'est fini! After New York, London and Milan, the fashion crowd set their sights upon the city of lights.

C'est fini!

After New York, London, Milan, and now Paris, the last of the runway lights have dimmed for the final time this season. That's right people: Fashion month will soon be but a memory.

So while the editors, bloggers, and entitled children of famous people spend these next few hours packing up the Louboutins and Prada scarves into the Louis Vuitton luggage that carried them through this long, chilly succession of shows, let's bid farewell to Fall 2013 with a look back at the savviest street stylistas to grace the City of Lights this past "week."

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You know, saving the best for last and all that...

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