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The Bachelor Finale Fashion Recap: Sparkly Dresses, Sparkly Shoes, and a Way-Too Sparkly Ring

WHOA. Whoa. Whoawhoawhoawhoa WHOA.
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WHOA. Whoa. Whoawhoawhoawhoa WHOA.

Obviously we're still trying to compose ourselves after last night's earth-shattering season finale of The Bachelor. It clocked in at three hours long, about the same length as the second greatest love story ever told, Titanic.

Regardless of how you felt about Sean's pick for the final rose (and his hand in marriage etc.), I think we can all agree that those crafty Bachelor editors were definitely withholding some information from us--we did not see that finale coming. But rather than getting up in arms about paltry things like, say... Catherine's inability to express her emotions, Lindsay's seemingly permanent state of mild intoxication, Des's new status as the Bachelorette (yes!), or the fact that Sean's flawless, naked torso will no longer be gracing our living rooms for two hours every Monday evening (or will it?!)... let's talk about the fashion, shall we?

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Spoilers, sparkles, and snark ahead.

All photos: ABC