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The Top 10 Fall Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Read on for our round up of the top ten trends from Paris Fashion Week.

It's a wrap! Paris served as a fitting grand finale to fashion month.

Truth be told, the fashion calendar's final destination packed so many influential designers into one week that creating a top 10 trend list was more an exercise in editing than compilation. Interestingly, it felt like designers were on the same page as us, cutting back on the "maximalism" of recent seasons (sorry Gaga) and trying their hands at more accessibly chic concepts (Maybe Nicki Minaj is onto something with her new toned down look?).

See for yourself, as you check out our top ten trends from Paris fall 2013.

Theme: The New Normal

Usually the home of wildly extravagant fashion experimentation, Paris served up some delightfully perfected takes on the tried and true for fall 2013. Take note: It seems like the denim pendulum may be swinging the way of stove pipe rigid indigos in the near future.

Theme: Exquisite Tatters

Are couture-worthy finishes intentionally falling to bits? It's the concept that many Parisian designers dabbled in this season, yielding pieces that wed the words "rags" and "riches" in a new way.

Theme: Metro-Western

There's a new sheriff in town: The "Urban Cowboy"--or "Cowgirl" as the case may be--rides again for fall 2013. This time, she's taken a dark and brooding path that calls for dramatic, street-sweeping coats and rodeo-tailored tops.

Color: Purple's Reign

Sidestepping dicey retro references to Tina Yothers on Family Ties and a certain children's entertainer/dinosaur that shall remain nameless, purple emerged as a chromatic fascination for a host of Paris designers this season.

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Color: Ebony and Ivory

Polar opposites unite for fall 2013 as black and white pairings brought a classically graphic punch to the Paris collections. We're excited to invest in the perfect white shirt (as though we don't own several already) in order to interpret the look come September.

Print + Pattern: Surreal So Real

Mix one part Schiaparelli with one part Dali and a dash of Walt Disney and you'll be on the same print wavelength as many of the designers we saw in Paris. Whether you love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: These prints will have you talking.

Detail: Fit to Be Tied

Call it "straitjacket-chic" or "twisted sister-tailored", self-tie detailing of all sorts added complex interest to Paris's collections. Phoebe Philo's "arm parties" at Celine will definitely be editorial home-runs; we are dying to see who takes the plunge on purchasing one of her multi-sleeved creations.

Key Item: While You Were Sleeping

Marc Jacobs wasn't the only designer loving the idea of rolling out of bed and heading to work in PJs (though he may be the only one that practiced what he preached). Slumber-time inspired sets and jumpsuits cut in sumptuous satins (the alliteration just happened, we swear!) showed up within several collections, threatening to make effortlessly chic slobs out of all of us come fall.

Key Item: La Petite Robe Noire

It's time again for that perfectly quirky LBD, complete with a cut-out, a feather trim, or a nutty hemline to seal the deal. Tons of DIY potential here kids...

Key Item: Fabergé-figure Coat

Egg-shaped outerwear featuring rounded shoulders and ovular volume was a big story within the collections. We like the idea of being able to wear our fave motorcycle jacket under such generously cut, macaron-colored coats.