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The Ultimate Spring 2013 Nail Polish Guide

It's now officially March, which means that spring is finally close. And much like the leaves and flower buds, new spring nail polishes are popping up everywhere. Check out the whopping 23 collections we dug up.

It's now officially March, which means that spring is finally close. And much like the leaves and flower buds, new spring nail polishes are popping up everywhere.

There are three pretty distinct trends that we're seeing for spring 2013: bright pastels that remind us of food (candy, sherbet, macarons); creative uses for glitter and other 3D additives (feather, spotted eggs); and different versions of green (thanks to the fact that emerald is the color of the year, no doubt).

Click through to see 23 amazing spring 2013 nail polish collections.

Essie "Madison Ave-Hue":

Vibe: This collection is inspired by the great shopping streets of the world (well, the names are, anyway). It's a very spring-y mixture of bright and muted pastels, with a heavy pink and purple influence.

Colors: (L-->R) Hip-anema, Avenue Maintain, Maximillian Stresse Her, Go Ginza, Madison Ave-hue, Bond With Whomever

Buy It: Launches in March

OPI "Euro Centrale":

Vibe: Like all of OPI's collections--which are always massive--there's a bit of everything here. It's blue heavy, with some modern metallics and bright pastels (get used to this trend for spring). The brand was inspired by the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Hungary, leaving plenty of wiggle room for the brand's signature punny names.

Colors: (L-->R) My Vampire Is Buff (ha!), Suzy Is Hungary Again, Hands Off My Kielbasa [Ed.note: This is not the first time OPI has named nail polish after sausage], Oy Another Polish Joke, A Womans Pragueative, My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours, You're Such a Budapest, Vantto Bite My Neck, Can't Find My Czechbook, Eurso Euro, I Saw You Saw We Saw Warsaw,

Buy It:, $8.00

Sally Hansen "Complete Salon Manicure":

Vibe: Sally Hansen overhauled its popular Complete Salon Manicure line, adding in a gel-like shine and better chip-resistance to the formula. So what that means is that every single one of these shades--except for 10--are new for the season. We tried a bunch--it's a great formula. The flat brush is especially easy to use, and you won't find a color like "Black and Blue" (it's like an iridescent beetle--in a good way) anywhere else.

Colors: See photos for polish names.

Buy It: Target, $6.59

Butter London "Sweetie Shop":

Vibe: Think "sherbet" and you'll have an idea of the theme here. "Cuppa" is an earthy neutral to cleanse all that sugar from your palette.

Colors: (L-->R) Jasper, Kerfuffle, Fiver, Fruit Machine, Mollycoddled, Cuppa

Buy It: Macy's, $15

Chanel "Hong Kong":

Vibe: We already showed you Chanel's classic spring lacquer trio (here!), but those sneaky Parisians went and released another limited edition collection. These two additional lacquers are part of the Hong Kong collection, which also includes an eye shadow palette.

Colors: Western Light, Eastern Light

Buy It: Chanel, $30

Illamasqua "Speckled":

Vibe: They really are speckled! Illamasqua is known for its unusual colors, and this collection stopped me in my tracks at first--it's pretty edgy. On close inspection the speckles are actually matte black glitter pieces. Not for the faint of heart.

Colors: (L-->R) Freckle, Speckle, Mottle, Fragile, Scarce

Buy It: Sephora, $16

Jin Soon Choi "Botanical Flowers":

Vibe: Fashion's favorite manicurist launched her first ever nail polish collection last year, and this is her first seasonal collection launch. Like her original colors, these are all named by (as Choi says) "my model friends." Choi told us she wanted to do sophisticated brights that look good on all ages and all skin tones.

Colors: (L-->R) Blue Iris (named by Saskia de Brauw), Coral Peony (named by Vanessa Axente), French Lilac (named by Meghan Collison), Tea Rose (named by Fei Fei Sun), Poppy Blue (named by Tati Cotlier)

Buy It: Available in March, Sephora, $18

Deborah Lippmann "Romantic Rapture," "Staccato":

Vibe: The Staccato collection is Lippmann's version of the black glitter polish, and it's pretty and feminine. Romantic Rapture is a classic trio of nude, icy blue, and pink.

Colors: (L-->R) I'm Not Edible, Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Rockin' Robin, Careless Whisper, Moon Rendezvous, Groove Is In the Heart

Buy It: Bloomingdale's, $17.00

Estee Lauder "Paris Macarons":

Vibe: Nail polish that's the color of macarons. Brilliant!

Colors: (L-->R) Narcissist, Lilac Leather, Coral Cult, Dilettante France, Absinthe

Buy It: Neiman Marcus, $20

Dior "Cherie Bow," "Addict":

Vibe: Dior is definitely thinking pink for spring. The Cherie Bow collection is full of sweet creamy pinks, while the Addict collection (which goes along with some serious covetable new Addict Lip Glosses) bring some shimmer to the table.

Colors: Top: Rosy Bow, Tutu, Trianon Grey Bottom: Princess, Spring Ball, Gel Top Coat, Diablotine, Delice

Buy It: Bergdorf Goodman, $24 (Addict collection available in March)

Nails Inc "Feathers" and "Trends":

Vibe: Another new texture trend, the Feather polishes have very thin, fine pieces of glitter which give the finish a definite feathery look. The trend colors focus on versions of pinky-poppy and mints.

Colors: (L-->R) Brighton, Chester, Cornwall, York, Kensington Palace, Chelsea Physic Gardens, St. James Park, Royal Botanical Gardens

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Buy It: Sephora, $9.50

MAC "Archie Girls":

Vibe: Betty vs. Veronica, duh.

Colors: (L-->R) PepPepPep, Comic Cute, Double Trouble, Past Curfew

Buy It: Bloomingdale's, $17.50

RGB "Spring 2013":

Vibe: Rich color pay-off and hands-down the best fuchsia I've ever seen--looks fantastic as a pedicure.

Colors: (L-->R) Cerulean, Fuchsia, Monarch

Buy It: Available in March

Priti "Sherbet":

Vibe: Do you see the trend here for sweet, sweet pastels? Yum. Plus Priti's polishes are the go-to eco-friendly nail polish brand--they even did colors for Stella McCartney.

Colors: (L-->R) Mermaid Rose, Belle Courtisane, Remember Me Rose, Happy Wanderer

Buy It: Spirit Beauty Lounge, $13.50

L'Oreal Paris "Colour Riche":

Vibe: Everything about this collection--from the names to the color pay-off, is rich. (Well, except the price--check your fave drugstore for this collection.)

Colors: (L-->R) Crazy for Chic, Members Only, New Money, Not a Cloud in the Sky, Royally Reinvented

Buy It: Target, $4.99


Vibe: NARS doesn't release tons of nail colors each season, but the ones they do put into the world are GOOD. This shimmery, iridescent metallic is no exception.

Color: Disco Inferno

Buy It: Saks, $17.00


Vibe: LVX calls itself a "vegan, luxury" nail polish line. The colors are sophisticated and can hold their own against any other collection we've seen this season.

Colors: (L-->R) Cerulean, Citrine, Azalea, Fantom, Viridian, Indigo Bleu

Buy It: LVX, $16.00

China Glaze "Avant Garden:"

Vibe: The collection is in two parts: "Blooming Brights" and "Pastel Petals." It's a pretty comprehensive color collection, but there are no extreme glitter colors this season.

Colors: (L-->R) Budding Romance, Sunday Funday, Fancy Pants, Snap my Dragon, Passion for Petals, Mimosas Before Manis, Life Is Rosy, Pink-ie Promise, Tart-y toe the Party, Fade Into Hue, Keep Calm Paint On, Dandy Lyin' Around

Buy It: ImageBeauty, $4.49

Zoya "Lovely":

Vibe: This is a shimmery Easter egg-colored collection. Don't want a pastel this season? Look elsewhere.

Colors: (L-->R) Blu, GeiGei, Jacqueline, Julie, Piaf, Neely

Buy It: Zoya, $8.00

Color Club "Fiesta," "Halographic":

Vibe: Color Club is an aptly named brand, because they pretty much have you covered in the hue department this season. Metallics and brights galore! Here are two of the five collections currently on offer.

Colors: (L-->R) Beyond, Cosmic Fate, Kismet, Over the Moon, Miss Bliss, Eternal Beauty, Mamba, Flamingo, Wild Cactus, Sunrise Canyon, Endless Summer, On the Rocks.

Buy It: Birchbox, $8.00

Sephora by OPI "Metro Too Chic":

Vibe: Darker metallics paired with ballerina pinks.

Colors: (L-->R) Arose Beyond Shimmer, Metro Too Chic, Nifty Shades of Grey, Tweet You Later!, Keys To My Hybrid, Pale Is the New Tan

Buy It: Sephora, $9.50


Vibe: This is DKNY's first foray into nail polish, and it comes with coordinating lipstick.

Colors: (L-->R) Urban Fashionista, Whimsical Romantic, Boho Chic

Buy It: Ulta, $45 for the set of 3 polish/3 lipstick

Orly "MegaPixel FX":

Vibe: These are "3D" polishes with big glitter particles. You can wear the polish two ways--either apply to coats and leave it at that for the 3D "pixel" effect, or add a topcoat for a more traditional glossy glitter look.

Colors: See photo above.

Buy It: Available in March, $10